01 September 2004


Well, there you are: a picture of my new flat. Hopefully it will display here nicely.
So...what have I been up to lately?

I have moved house. And since then, I have become a boring house-lesbian really. Life together is fabulous. have not had a fight yet and it seems we manage to talk about things if they bug us. Obviously I am the man in the relationship because J. is much better at bringing these things up than I am.

Last weekend we decided to go to London for a day and then I decided it was nicer to go for a weekend so I booked a room in a hotel in Bayswater. We left early in the morning on Saturday on the train. London is only 90 minutes away so maybe I should start thinking about getting a job with the BBC in London after all. Will ponder in the next few days...

Anyway, our weekend was nice and romantic. And expensive mind you. Hmm....this is supposed to be a post with humour but it is not really happening. maybe that is because it is 5:38pm and I really want to go home and play rugby. Yes. rugby.

I have joined a rugby team. And I don't even know the bloody rules of the game!! Will probably get trampled to death tonight..... wish me luck.

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