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Job at the BBC

16 September 2004

As a reporter by trade, I hope to work in the media in England at some point. Obviously that makes the BBC my first choice. Together with half the population here. I have not been in England for very long so I am more than willing to start low and try to work my way up the BBC ladder. But today I got a rejection for a job I applied for. It seems my skills are not even matched to those they are looking for in a runner.

What does a runner do? Well, nothing special really: run tapes between editors and reporters, make sure the paperwork going with those tapes is correct and what have you. Basically, it is a general dog's body. Ideal for people without media experience to get started. But apparently my experience as a reporter for both radio and television and a researcher for both radio and television does NOT qualify me for a job as Runner at the BBC. And this makes me sad. If my skills are not enough to get even an interview for a 'low' job like a runner, then how am I ever going to
get a job at the BBC? I might need to go tonight and drink away my sorrows......at least my girl is back home again. Now I need to get back to my exciting job of putting numbers in an Excel sheet.


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