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Lesbians: Pay attention

21 September 2004

Are you any good at:

- tipping over a 110kg ram
- fitting a set of snow chains
- digging in a fence post
- backing a trailer with a load of hay
- blowing a dog whistle
- opening a bottle of Speight's® without a bottle opener
- jetboat sprinting on Lake Wanaka

Then you may very well be The Perfect Woman. Now to me, all of that reeks of Lesbians, but surprisingly, the winners of past competitions all seem young feminine girls. I guess in New Zealand these thigns are essential for every woman and have nothing to do with being masculine. After all, the women who have won before are all daughters of sheep farmers etc. They work on farms so to them these things are nothign special. I wish I lived in New Zealand. Then I could do all these things....


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