03 September 2004

On scrums, rucks and fly-halfs

So how was rugby?
Well it was actually really good fun. I have come to the team a little late as the season starts in earnest next week. My participation was therefore limited to looking at the training and occasionally participating in running, catching and passing the ball. I was not hindered by ANY knowledge of the rules of rugby. Never held a rugby ball, don't know how many players in a team, what positions there are and who plays where and so on. Admittedly this made understanding the complicated strategies a little difficult. I am sure it will make more sense come this Sunday where I will be watching them play their first match: they will wear the team outfit so I will be able to see who is playing with us and who is not and who moves where etc.

Mind you, I am suspect of any sport where the people who actually score the points are called "The Backs" and the defenders are called "The Forwards". That just made no sense to me. I want to be a back: run in a line, toss the ball around and score lots of points. I might get myself a little book with the rules of rugby. I guess that will make my life a lot easier. Scrum-half, fly-half, hookers, wingers.....what the fuck are you talking about? Ruck? Line-out? Scrum? Huh?
But I am not complaining. Rugby will be great. After all, where else do you get about 29 women jump on top of you when you lie on the floor with a ball? No wonder there are so many lesbians playing it.

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