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06 September 2004

Oohh...it was a very hot weekend here in the West Midlands. In a cruel twist of fate, this summer has been wet, wet and more wet. But since the schools have started again, the weather has been great. So this weekend J. and I decided we were going to be active. An active weekend always starts are ASDA. Nothing like the weekly grocery shop. Hmmm...does it show that I can not remember what we did during the day on Saturday? All I remember is the KAYAKING!! Yes indeed. In Leamington there is a river. River Leam. And J. and I decided to go for a nice hour of Kayaking. Actually, I was thinking of a gentle rowing session but J. wanted Kayaking. Fine I said. I have never done that before but hey, it must be just like rowing or being in a canoe.

It isn't.

And I knew it would be hell as son as I got in the Kayak and the guy pushed me in to the water. THEY ARE SO SMALL. And narrow!! I felt I was going to roll over as soon as I hit the water. All my muscles tensed and J. was laughing at me. I was in a bad mood INSTANTLY. Grumpy as I was, I tried a few peddle strokes and wobbled some more and got more grumpy. J. felt guilty for suggesting kayaking and I made her feel crap by being grumpy. I hated it. I hate feeling like an idiot. I wanted a relaxing hour on the water and now this crap kayaking is going to ruin my day and I will look like a fool and all will laugh at me and...and...and...

Hang on.....if I sit back and relax, it does not feel so wobbly....hey...look...look at me people...I am moving...look!!! Hah!! This is piss easy. Anyone can do this kayaking stuff. I will race J. to the bend in the river.

J. was more than relieved when my smile broke for the first time after about 10 minutes. After that, all I remember is having a great time. Splashing each other as much as we could with our pedals. So even though I did not turn the boat upside down, I could as well have because we were both soaking wet. Great fun. Felt like a little child again, splashing, laughing...it was almost idyllic..our laugher echoing across the river, sun shining as hard as it could........

And that was just the Saturday. Can't remember what we did on Sunday. Oh yes.....I watched the rugby of my team. Carried the water on to the steaming hot pitch. And J. wantd to play rugby as well. But I don't like that...


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