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09 September 2004

My latest lunchtime-craze: Swimming. The office where I work has a tiny kitchen and nothing else. On top of that, it is a 20 minute wlk from town. So I used to just sit behind my computer and get serious Repetitive Strain Injury.....not good I felt. Then I discovered the local pool has lane swimming at lunch time. I thought I would try that once or twice. And now I try to go every day.I am not a very fast swimmer but it is just SO lovely to be out of the office for an hour. And swimming is proving really good for my fitness. Let's see how long this latest hobby will last.

Did my first proper rugby training last night. My God, let's hope I do not have to do scrums EVER again. My shoulders are full of scratches and I am stiff!! Pushing 80 kilos on the squad machine in the gym is NOTHING compared to a full-on scrum. My thighs HURT. I wasn't very good and the scrum kept collapsing because of me. Did not make me feel very good. However, when we started doing line-out (where they throw the ball onto the pitch and you lift a player above your head to help her catch it), I was GREAT:) They said I was a joy to lift and I was great at catching the ball (I did not drop the ball once...in fact, I haven't dropped the ball once since I first showed up at training. Quite pleased with that actually......)

So far, so sporty. But I fear the gym will have to go. Swimming, rugby and gym seems a little too much. If not too expensive......


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