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Twenty Straight Questions

24 September 2004

1. When did you discover you were heterosexual?

2. How did you know?

3. Have you tried same-sex relationships to prove to yourself you were straight?

4. Have you ever wished your sexual orientation was more flexible?

5. How did your parents react to your decision of living as a straight person?

6. Are you happy about being heterosexual?

7. Are there any benefits about being heterosexual?

8. Do you know any other people who are heterosexual? If yes, do you know for a fact that these people are really straight?

9. Some non-straights think their lifestyle has greater value for mankind than yours. The argument is that straights are carelessly overpopulating the earth. How do you feel about this?

10. Statistics show that most child molestations are performed by an opposite-sex adult. Do you believe this says anything about heterosexuality or is sexual orientation different from deviant sexual behaviour?

11. Statistically speaking the most dangerous place to be for women and children is the home. If this is true, is it morally defendable to uphold the heterosexual nuclear family as the ideal?

12. With 10 and 11 in mind, do you think it is appropriate for heterosexuals to have children?

13. Do you believe there a relation between heterosexuality and inequality between the partners in an opposite-sex relationship?

14. Heterosexuality is closely connected to shame (sexually aggressive women are called “whores”, etc.). How do you feel this impacts your life?

15. Given 10, 11, and 14, how would you react if your child would turn out to be heterosexual too?

16. Do you believe it appropriate to assume anything about a young person’s sexual orientation, eg is it appropriate to assume that a two-year-old boy “likes girls”? Is it typical for heterosexuals to make these assumptions?

17. Do you feel that society gives positive affirmation to the straight lifestyle? If so, how?

18. Do you feel that straight people and the straight lifestyle are correctly portrayed in mainstream cinema?

19. How would you describe the straight lifestyle to someone who is unfamiliar with it?

20. Do you believe science will one day find out why people become heterosexual?

Shameless ripped from Butch This


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