26 October 2004

Band of Brothers

J. is a huge fan of Neil Finn, the guy of Crowded House and, in the eighties, Split Enz. He has also done some solo stuff. I like Crowded House but I don't think I would have gone to a concert of Neil Finn on his own. Neil has a brother, Tim Finn. Neil and Tim were both in Crowded House for a while but brotherly rivalry sort of stopped that after their album Woodface.
The Finn Brothers have released a new album, Everyone is here. A lovely piece of work. And yesterday, we went to see them perform in Wolverhampton. It was totally wonderful. I really enjoyed it. They have lovely harmonies and they did some Split Enx stuff like Message to my girl, I got you (I don't know why sometimes I get frightened) and I see red. Of course they could not get away with not playing any Crowded House stuff and it was wonderful. It made me feel part of something quite special actually. I mean, Crowded House split up a few years ago and I started appreciating them after that. So I assumed I would never get to see them live. But effectively I did last night.
Neil Finn is clearly the most talented one of the two brothers and throughout the night, I could feel there was a certain tension between the two. Quite interesting vibes there.

Afterwards, J. and I wandered to the stage exit and waited for about 45 minutes until the guys came out. There were about 50 people waiting. J. was not sure 'it was her thing' but we waited anyway. But when they came out the door, one guy ruined it for us (well, for J. and me). Everyone wanted a signature of Neil and Tim and this 'fans' decided to start discussions by constantly shouting things like

"Neil, what has happened to Some Song. I LOVED that song, Best tune ever written!! And Tim, when will you play Song title again? I LOVE that tune man. I think you guys are great. Why don't you play Song Title anymore......."

And one and on he went, shouting over people's heads. You could tell it pissed Neil and Tim off somewhat. And it certainly pissed me and J. off. To the point where were almost too embarrassed to stand in line and wait for our tickets to be signed. We just did not want to be associated with that guy by even standing next to him.
He just hogged the entire 5 minutes with his voice shouting over everyone. Really annoying. Pissed the guys off so much that they disappeared into their tourbus very quickly. And J. felt claustrophobic so we pulled away. That was a tad disappointing.

Oh, did I mention the support act was.....Minnie Driver! Yes, the actress has released an album and is touring with it. It felt kind of strange to be watching a famous Hollywood actress on stage as a singer, and a reasonably good one too. Nothing really great, but nice to listen to. Sort of shows how easy it is if you have enough money: one day you decide you want to make an album, you pay musicians, hire a studio and record as long as you like. And record companies will release it because you are Minnie Driver. But unlike many actors-cum-singers, she actually pulls it off.

But the best part of the night was being out on the town with my girl who was really excited and bouncy because she had seen one of her musical heroes again. It is wonderful to see the one you love smile with a big broad grin all night. Wonderful.

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