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Bush voters likely to be found in darkrooms

26 October 2004

A Dutch website has done a survey under gays to find out who they would vote for in the US elections. 90% would vote for John Kerry. That is not surprising. How can you vote for someone who dispises your very being?

I was very amused by another little snippet of information that came out of the survey. Kerry-voters have more sex. But Bush voters are more likely to go to darkrooms!!

Thinking about it, it is no surprise. A gay Republican, voting for a man who hates him and denies him his basic rights. You don't really want to let your political friends know you are a homosexual. And you don't want your wife to find out. So you go to a darkroom for anonymous sex.

I doubt that is the kind of gay vote Bush wants. But it one he has created himself: men who cheat on their wives in darkrooms because they are too scared to come out.


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