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Freaky stalker

25 October 2004

Someone at work has a stalker. He is on holiday this week and has left me his phone in case any important business people ring. I am informed of 2 numbers in the phone that are 'hers' and I don't answer the phone when those numbers come up. But on Friday, I answered he phone when it came up with a Withheld number.


Hello, M. speaking
[stalker] Hello
[stalker] Hello
Hello, how can I help?
[stalker] Who is this?
This is M. Who is speaking please?
[stalker] I want to speak to X
Who is speaking please?
[stalker] Who are you?
Who are YOU?
[stalker] I want to speak to x
He is not in a position to answer his phone right now. Can I take a message?
[stalker] No. I....I just...I want to speak to x. Put him on.
Sorry, I can not do that. He is not answering his phone. What is your name and I will tell him you rang.

A silence follows as I can hear her breathing get more desperate and suddenly her worst fear pops into her head. The fear in her voice is audible when suddenly she bursts out:

[stalker] Are you his girlfriend?
I am the person answering his phone at the moment; can I help you at all?
[stalker] Is x there? I want to speak to him.
He has asked me to answer his phone. Can I take a message?
[stalker] Are you his new girlfriend? Well...are you?

I don't want to say yes or no as I have seen the pain this woman causes in x's life. I am not sure if it is giving her hope if I say that I am NOT his girlfriend. Or that it will ignite rage and anger if I say that I am indeed his new girlfriend. So I stick to my non-committal answers. But I am getting seriously freaked out by now. This woman is mad.

I am answering his phone at the moment, that is all I will tell you.
[stalker] But is x there?
He is not answering his phone at the moment.
[stalker] but is he THERE?
I am answering his phone. It does not matter if he is here or not, he is not answering his phone. Now can I take a message or not?

I am getting freaked out by now. Should I be rude and treat her like the stalker I know she is? Or should I treat her like any other stranger whom I just happen to speak to?

[stalker] You are a work colleague, aren't you? Oh God I am so sorry. PLEASE don't tell x I am behaving like this. He will be so angry with me if he finds out I have been rude to you. Please don't tell him. Please. Do you promise?
I will tell him you rang.
[stalker] Ok. But can you at least tell me if he is OK?
I will tell him you rang.
[stalker] But is he OK?
I will tell him you rang. Goodbye now.
[stalker] Surely you can tell me if he is OK?

And I end the conversation. My heart is pounding for some strange reason. Like I just escaped my own stalker. My God, this was only one phonecall. X's life must be pure hell. I wonder what she will do next.
It only takes a few seconds for me to find out. His direct line rings....I pick it up....silence.
The general office number rings. Receptionist picks it up and puts it down again. Obviously the woman hung up.
And then the mobile starts ringing again. I don't answer. The mobile keeps ringing for the next 20 minutes. And she leaves him voicemail messages. And text messages.
And when I arrived in the office this morning, there were around 20 missed calls on his phone. All hers I assume.

It is enough to put me off even the though of ever having an affair. it is like Fatal Attraction but worse. Poor X. I can only imagine the rage and anger she is pouring out over him in her voicemail and text messages. I am DYING to find out. But I am a good girl. I behave.
She threatens to kill herself if he does not call her. If he changes his number, she calls his ex-wife. She is mad. She tells him she has painted the bedroom in his favorite colours....he tells her to go away, she goes mad, he tells her he will call her later....

He wants her to stop, she does not stop. He says he has tried everything. But he has not really gone to the police. Or phoned BT to cut off her phone under the fair use policy. Or bar her calls from his mobile.

What is it in a brain that makes a stalker think FUCK OFF means I LOVE YOU AND I WANT TO STAY WITH YOU?



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