31 October 2004

I am mingling with the upper classes

Had my first posh party with the English upper class. J. went to a private All Girls Boarding School so she went to school with a lot of kids whose parents had a good deal of money. And Saturday one of these girls had a 21st birthday party. Estimated cost: £10,000...... I was very very apprehensive about going. The invitation said the dress code was Black Tie for the men and Posh Frocks (dresses) for the girls. It immediately pissed me off that someone would assume everyone can just afford to pay money for a dress or a suit to come to a party. Here is my Social Justice brain speaking. I immediately went up in arms against the whole class society of England.

J. is used to her fair share of posh people around her, having been to an expensive all-girl private boarding school, but even she was apprehensive to go to C.'s party. We raided her mother's wardrobe as we had no clothes that would be remotely suitable for the occasion. And there was no way we were going to wear a dress. J. was prepared to wear one but I begged her not to. I would have been the only woman not in a dress which would have made me look like such a lesbian, with J. on my side looking gorgeous in a dress. And because I have a wonderful girlfriend, she understood and looked ravenous in a trouser suit.

To cut a long story short: we were both nervous, the venue was fucking posh (mansion-style) and we were not the only ones who felt out of our league. So did the 5 other friends from J.'s old school. The food was salmon and caviar, quail's eggs and duck pate..... that was the finger food.

I was a little worried by the fact that all waitresses of the evening were black... I thought slavery was abolished years ago. In the end, the evening was not half as bad as we feared it would be. I wanted to try all the different bits of fingerfood but I was not sure if it is 'posh' to keep eating the food or that you are supposed to just nibble every once so often. But hey, I don't get to eat caviar and duck pate every day you know. So I stayed close to the waitresses and engaged in conversations with them whilst sneaking food into my mouth, hoping the hostess would not know my incessant eating. Wonderful.

Anyone saying Britain is a classless society is a liar. I have seen that it is alive and well on Saturday night. After all, I went to the pub for my 21st. My folks did not throw a £10,000 party for me. And it did not even occur to me to throw a party with a dresscode and black tie.... it was an interesting experience.

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