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My first decent contact!!

26 October 2004

Getting work in the media is hard. And it is nearly impossible if yo udo not have any contacts at all.
But I might be starting to get there finally. Last week I went to the media Carreers Day in London. Surrounded by 16-year old wannabe presenters, I managed to have a chat with Richard Gaisford of GMTV news. I explained him my situation (I am experienced but have no network in the UK and I want to get back into broadcasting) He gave me the name and email of a guy from the BBC in Birmingham (conveniently close to where I live). I mailed the bloke and he mailed back right away. he has taken the time to give me a list of options I could try, from volunteering (can't do for lack of funds) to free-lancing (can't do for lack of own equipment). But he also suggested two options I will pursue. He promised to give me relevant names and numbers for the things I am interested in and he offered to show me around the new BBC building in Birmingham, The Mailbox.
He was really friendly and helpful.


It is a tiny tiny step on the ladder but at least I am now off the ground. Eventhough I have not reached the first step of the ladder yet but have merely stepped onto a piece of paper.

Just such a bitch that I have no savings to sustain myself even for a few weeks without work. iif I could do that, then I could volunteer for a local radio station for a few weeks to show them I can do it and then get a paid job based on the work experience perhaps.

First things first: let's meet this nice man.


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