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My official debut!!

12 October 2004

I made my official debut in a league match for the Old Leamingtonians Ladies Rugby team!! Ok, it was only for 10 minutes towards the end, but still. We were doing really well, playing against Whitney. There was a strong wind of which we managed to take advantage in the first half. At half-time we were leading by 10-0. 2 tries were scored but because of the strong wind it was not possible to convert them. Fair enough. It was a really good match, lots of fun. I was on the sidelines and the coach promised me some minutes on the pitch. I told him the team is important, not my personal interest. If the team is doing well, why would you substitute someone? But the good thing about rugby is that at some point, someone WILL get injured.

In the second half the wind proved to be the most important thing of the day indeed. Whitney scored 2 tries but did not convert either of them due to the strong wind. So we were at 10-10 and about 2 minutes later, Chris stormed across the touchline and made it 15-10! Nice of the ref to award us the try even though Chris admitted to dropping the ball behind the line, rather than pushing it down on the ground. Oh well, you want hear us complain. Unfortunately we did not convert the try and this proved to be decisive for the match. Whitney scored another try and they converted it as well 15 – 17. Bugger.

About 10 minutes before the end, I was sent on. I had no clue what my position was. I had to think: Who am I replacing? Oh yes, that makes me a forward....
We got into a ruck and somehow I just took the ball and ran. I was not afraid at all (I always though that I would be afraid to run into contact) but I did not want that realy nasty big lesbian ....I mean woman, to tackle me, so I sort of shook her off and ran a bit further. Then I got tackled and everybody fell on top of me, apparently in an organised fashion to protect me and the ball. One result from my little run was that we managed to get the ball across the touchline!! Unfortunately our player was on her back with the ball on her chest and that is no score of course. SHIT!!

I think I did reasonably well the rest of the match. But I was not as pro-active (or brash if you prefer) as I was in my first minute on the pitch. I started to think too much about what I should and should not be doing and I forgot to just tell people I was going to take the ball and run with it. I waited around the back of the ruck instead of diving in there like I had done the first time. But in the 10 minutes that I was on the pitch, we managed to get the ball across the touchline twice. Unfortunately both times the ball was held up over the line, rather than a try scored. Bugger bugger bugger. So in the end, we lost 15-17. Really annoying because I felt we were actually playing really well.
I have learned lots of things in the 10 minutes I was on the pitch. Mostly that it is incredibly difficult to keep an eye on the people around you. When I had the ball, I simply did not (have the time to) look around me to see where my other team mates were and to check if I could pass them the ball. I just ran straight forward.
The backs were pretty annoyed afterwards. Because for the last 10 minutes, the ball did not leave the hands of the forwards. All we did was drive, pick and drive, pick and drive. Nobody seemed to think about passing the ball wide to the backs to see if they could maybe score in the last minute. Oh well, can't have it all. But I have the Bug now. I can not wait for the next match to start. Even though I will not be starting, I really enjoy being part of a team.

J. is coming along to rugby as well these days. I think she would be a mighty fine back. Good. Gives me a chance to just be a nice forward. Now all I need to get tougher. It is a shame my parents won't be able to see me play when they come to visit me in December. We have an away match that Sunday and I won't be going to play as it, quite ironically, is near London and they are flying to Nottingham Airport after I told them they should......

Too long this post too long. I am sure most of you have given up already!!


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