27 October 2004

Ritalin, shrinks and the NHS

When I moved to England, I had a letter in English from my shrink, saying that I need Ritalin and the dosage. When I went to my GP here for the first time, she only wanted to prescribe me with a 2-week supply because she was not familiar with ADHD in adults and she thought my dosage was a bit high. That made sense as the dosage is partly based on body weight and a kid that weighs 11 stone would be quite scary.
Anyway, I went back today for the repeat prescription and the doctor, a different one from last time and a young lady, said she wants me to see a shrink. She was quite defensive actually when I tried to explain that I have been on the stuff for a while now and that I had a letter explaining this. She was honest and said that she was not familiar with ADHD in adults and that nobody in the practice actually was.

Great. It just showed me how lucky I have been in The Netherlands with the more advanced research in the subject. All it takes is a few people who are interested in a disorder and to start researching it. Obviously in Britain, nobody has bothered enough yet to make a national impact on GPs.
She reluctantly prescribed me enough pills to last me a month. In the mean time, she will find me a psychiatrist to talk to. He/she will need to re-diagnose me and confirm it with the GP so that I can get the Ritalin on repeat prescription.

I am not looking forward to having to go to the shrink again. After all, I will have to convince him/her that I am an adult with ADHD. And if the people in this country know very little about adults and ADHD, chances are that he is going to think I am making it up. And then I will have to fight all from the start to get my medication.

Bugger. Getting all depressed now.

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