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05 October 2004

And so the new season starts. J. is in her last year at university after having switched from Maths to maths and Business studies. This means that this year I cna finally discuss her studies with her. I will be able to understand what she is talking about. Marketing mix makes more sense to me than differential equations.

This will be a difficult year for me. I was crap at studying and I can see that J. does not really have much patience for it either. Procrastination is high on the list of sins for both of us. I will have to be careful not to be patronising and tell her to go and study every night. This will be a big challenge. I will have to trust her to sort herself out without me peering over her shoulder all the time. And I have never lived with a student so I will have to work hard at keeping my mouth shut. it is none of my business. I should help her and support her, not lecture her. Actually, I don't think I will need to lecture her. She will do fine on her own.

I guess it makes a difference now that she will be doing something I actually care about. We will be able to discuss things like marketing and have interesting conversations about it. Cool.

Now go and sit back in your hole Marieke and leave J. to it!!!!


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