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We're going on a holiday!!!

12 October 2004

I am going snowboarding again! Some of you may remember my last experience with The White Stuff. I had a bruised coccyx for months after that. And in fact, I believe the thing is still a sore spot. But never mind: we are going at that makes me very happy. We are going to where I went in 2003: Kaprun in Austria. Quite cool as my old flatmate from The Netherlands is a ski/snowboard instructor there so we will know someone when we get there.

Not so happy about the fact that J. will be paying for it from the money she will get for her birthday in December. Her parents will give her the money and 'strongly suggested' that her little sister would like to go on a skiing holiday.....so now J. is using the money to pay for a skiing trip and her parents will cover the costs for her little sister. But as she does not want to go without me, we had to look very hard for a way to make J's money stretch enough to include me. We managed but only just. And that is only for the flight, hotel costs and lift pass. We still need to eat and pay all other stuff. I suppose it will just be a very cheap holiday. We will probably stay at the local youth hostel so that we can cook our own food at night. That saves money again. I don't mind that sort of thing at all. I like having a holiday that gives me all the fun I want and yet is reasonably cheap. Rather than moan about how I would like to have loads of money to go for a pampering kind of holiday, I like making do with the things I CAN do.

Snowboarding is fun. I am SO looking forward to it. Will be kind of nostalgic too. The last time I was in Kaprun, I had not met J. yet in person. I spent the entire week on the phone to her, racking up a massive mobile phone bill. I was going to Austria and then to meet J. the next week for the first time in Warwick. God I was so nervous. And look at us now; almost 2 years later...I like my life right now. Well...most of it.


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