13 October 2004

You say what???

The Conservatives won a major election victory in Australia. Smug bastard John Howard gets his fourth term in office. Howard was still washing Bush's shit off his face, from having crawled so deep inside George's arse, when he held his victory speech.
According to Little Johnny, Iraq was not an election issue for the Australian public. Just as well because it was a major one for Little Johnny. Unlike John Kerry, Howard was smart enough not to talk much about Iraq during the election campaign. Most Australians probably want their troops home by Christmas so Howard managed to more or less avoid the election disaster by simply not talking about Iraq. So, not a major election issue.

And what was one of the first things he said after his victory:
Australians might be divided over the Iraq war, but the election result proved most backed plans to keep troops there.

Excuse me? I HATE how politicians just take one issue and run with it. Just because Australians don't like foreigners, gay marriage, high taxes and all the other Labour/Democrat issues does NOT mean they voted for them on that ONE issue alone. It is a combination of things. So how the hell can Howard suggest that just because he got voted in again, Australians agree with the troops being in Iraq. Sleazebag Howard is making Iraq an election issue after the fact by ignoring it during the campaign and stating afterwards that it is obvious people like the troops being in Iraq.

What else did he say?

"I don't seek to take sides in what is a domestic decision for the American people, but my respect and regard for George Bush is very well known,"

Fuck off you smug little sad git.

Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said Australians had made clear foreign politics choices in the elections. People never vote on foreign policies. They vote on what makes their life easier. They vote on education, pensions and all that. According to Downer, things are much better now in Iraq than they were before:

There are more active terrorists attacking Iraqis and the foreign forces helping the Iraqis there, it's true, but what was there before was Saddam Hussein, and you have to weigh these things up.

Who weighs what up? For the world it may be better than Saddam is gone. And all those nasty terrorists seem preoccupied with operating in Iraq at the moment, so that the world has become a safer place. Is that what Downer means? I am sure ordinary Iraqis don't agree with that assessment of World Peace. Yes Saddam did horrible things but at least most Iraqis were able to keep their head down and get on with their lives. I am not saying Saddam was good, but it is ridiculous to say things are better now.

Fuck off.
I fear for the American elections in November. I fear Bush will win. Big time.

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