30 November 2004

No more Ritalin

Bad news: my doctor has decided she will no longer prescribe me my Ritalin.
According to her, it is not licensed for use on adults in the UK and the psychiatrist she consulted also says he does not treat adults, only children with ADHD and so he will not prescribe it either.
She prescribed it to me twice now to tie me over (but never indicated to me that there would be a problem getting it in the future. Only that I would need to be diagnosed from the start if I wanted to keep getting it)

This poses a problem. I have managed to get my life nicely on the rails in the past 3 years. The past 2 years I have been on Ritalin and things have improved dramatically. So what now? Is all that going to waste? Will I need to move back to The Netherlands if they refuse to prescribe Ritalin here? I can not possibly be the only adult who wants Ritalin in the UK!!!

What pisses me off most is that the shrink she consulted wrote her 3 weeks ago to let her know he was unwilling to prescribe it. And she did not contact me at all to let me know. And now I only have 3 days of Ritalin left to find a solution. If she had called me right away, I would have had 3 weeks!!

She promised to call me back tomorrow and told me she is willing to prescribe a little bit to tie me over until there is a solution. But I am really feeling drepressed as I have checked on the internet and it seems that Ritalin is indeed licensed only for kids in this country.

Another negative effect of having lived in a country that is so ahead with many things. We have specialist treatment centres for Adults with ADHD in every major city in The Netherlands. And in the UK there are only 2 in the whole country!!!

I will now go and be depressed for a while.

At least my team leader was nice to me. He told me to spend the rest of my afternoon researching on the web and asked if there was anything he could do for me. he even suggested buying it over the internet but I am not so sure of that. Is that illegal?

I have written an email to the shrink who treated me in The Netherlands as she is part of the European Network for Adults with ADHD. Maybe she knows me or can help me.

No gay rights, no Ritalin....why did I move here again?

29 November 2004

Pissed off

My boss has been excited all week about a very nice cappuccino/espresso coffeemaker that we are getting. Not an ordinary one but specially imported from Italy. And not his personal one, no the company has bought it for all the coffee drinkers (about 10 out of 30). I don't drink coffee. But I will surely be expected to make the coffee for him.

He can stick it up his ass!

Because the money spent on that coffee machine should have gone to me as my salary raise. But I was told we could not afford to raise my salary to the amount we agreed (!!!) we would raise it to when I started here. No. Company was not doing so great and we had to cut costs. No we think you are doing great and we really appreciate you but instead of the £1,500 raise we promised you, we will give you £500.

Excuse me? So after nagging and getting annoyed and angry, my team leader managed to get me £1,000 instead of £500. However, this left me £500 short of what the rats promised me and more importantly: if has left me with no loyalty to this company whatsoever. For a measly £500 they have lost my loyalty and willingness to put in the extra mile for this company. It isn't the amount of money. It is just that I feel betrayed.

And now that £500 has been spent on a fucking espresso machine!! And he just does not see that it is best to keep his mouth shut about it rather than gloat to me on how fabulous it is and how you can not get just any machine but that the business paid for it so he could get a really good one.

Of course the fact that they felt it was important to send 5 (FIVE!!!) people to a seminar in Paris about smart-card technology did not sit very well with me either. Call me jealous but in a company of some 32 people, 5 need to go to Paris, including 3 directors and 2 engineers?????? Puhlease.

I have decided that I am going to actively look for a new (read: better paid) job. I am sorry for my team as they are really nice and supportive but I just don't trust myself not to tell my boss to stick the coffee up his arse and give me the raise instead.

28 November 2004

Monster...or not?

Finally saw "Monster" last night. The film about Aileen Wuornos that won Charlize Theron an Oscar for Best Actress.
It is a very disturbing film. It left me feeling very sorry for this woman who seemed to have nowhere to go but down. Most painful moment is when AIleen tries to clean up her act and get a job. She has been a hooker since the age of 13 and has no work experience at all. Everyone laughs at her and calls her stupid. On her way home from another humiliating moment, she gets picked up by a cop who feels she owes him a blowjob because he did not send her to prison the last time she got picked up. She tries to explain she is changing her life but he laughs at her and calls her filthy whore. So she gives in and blows him.

The whole world seemed to want her to go down. Not saying she was right to kill all those men (although the world is better off without some of them) but she just had nothing else to d with it as nobody was willing to give her a chance. Even the girl she was with, Shelby, drove her deeper into the shit by demanding Aileen to provide for them by prostituting herself.

J. and I were left feeling emotionally drained and flat when the credit rolled. An experience rather than just a film. More so because of the story than because of fabulous acting. I seem to be the only one who did not think Charlize Theron was superb. I felt Christina Ricci was much better (it helps that she is much prettier.....). The film put Aileen fully inthe role of victim, not killer. Understandable the first few murders, but in the end, her haterd for men is so big, she shoots even the guy who offers her a lift home and does not want sex at all.
I think Theron's performance is overrated, perhaps because the make-up turns her from beautiful into ugly. But it really is Ricci who shines.

I think this film may do to Theron's carreer what Boys don't cry did to Hillary Swank: ,ake one deeple emotional movie that touches people and wins loads of prizes, and then it can only go down from there. After all: what other fab movies has Hillary Swank been in since she won her Oscar?

Hmmm...not a very structured and meaningful post this i. Doesn't really add anything to the debate. Oh well, just see the film.

25 November 2004

I am an atheist



So, nothing new there then......spot on. God does not exist so can all the Jews, Muslims, Protestants and Catholics please stop fighting eachother?

24 November 2004

Posh gives up singing

Oh dear!! Posh Spice (who is no longer a spice as the Spice Girls no longer exist) has announced she is going to stop singing!! Now we all know she never started singing in the first place but hey, in these days of doom and gloom, we should all applaud Posh for making the world a better place in her own small way.

And in other strange-but-true news: English comedian Jo Brand has presented the Retail Week Awards of 2004. Now I love Jo Brand but I would not really think of her as the ideal person to dish out awards. Would you not use a hot sexy blonde for that?

22 November 2004

I gave up smoking...

...the thing in my mouth is just the inflammable nicotine replacement stick.

21 November 2004


We lost another rugby match today. 22 - 10 it was. I am totally shattered fromall the running. I have moved from being an open-side flanker to being in the second row. This means I am also the one jumping in the Line outs. I love line-outs as I seem to be quite good at them. It has taken me a very long time to find confidence inmy rugby. Well, a very long time for me that is. After all, I only started playing in September. Rugby is by far the most difficult game I have ever been involved in. But I have actually never really done a team sport and I am enjoying this so much. I have made friends, I have a sort of social life, I run around the pitch on a SUnday. It is great. I am always looking forward to the matches. And J. has joined the team as well. I am a forward and J. is a back, usually the in/outside center.

Our squad has about 9 players who play less than 1 season so it is not surprising that we keep losing as most of the teams we play have been together for years. But venthough we keep losing, I am terribly glad I started playing rugby.
I wish more people in The Netherlands would realise how cool a game it actually is. And how difficult and how versatile the players need to be.
Now I am off to the pub for the all important after-match drinks. Who cares if you lost: just have an extra drink!!

17 November 2004

Repetition and pride

Imagine: 37 pages of spreadsheet.
Names, addresses, job titles, phonenumbers.
Only a paper copy.

And we need an electronic copy......

So I got to work: scan 37 pages with OCR software (Optical Character Recognition Software).
The software does the trick but not completely faultless of course. It messes up tables and names and lay-out. So I spent the past 2 days copying and tidying up line by line of the spreadsheet. 1000 lines in total. I have serious Repetitive Strain Injury from the work but I have just printed off the finished list.

Well, almost finished. Now I will need to do a final hard-copy check. Side by side to make sure all the phonenumbers and postcodes have been scanned correctly.


I do know now what God feels like: Creating order out of chaos. I am secretly proud of my work when I look at that list. Quite sad actually that this sort of rubbish work makes me proud.

15 November 2004

You know you are settled when...

..as a lesbian, you know kd lang is on the radio and you decide to watch The Simpsons instead.

kd lang managed to kill off some wonderful songs on her latest album. Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah is one of them. Turned it in to a bloody crooning ballad!!! Ugh.

13 November 2004

Bridget Jones

Went to see Bridget Jones'Diary 2 this evening. Don't bother. It is really really shit.
It has reduced Bridget to, according to The Times, the human equivalent to the Bananaskin-joke. It is not funny, contains the token confusion about lesbians and is generally crap. Managed to take a picture with the phonecam but just missed out on the Lesbian Snog. Sorry.

So for those who are considering going: They get eachother in the end, eventhough Bridget ends up in a prison in Thailand, almost shags Hugh Grant and the girl who she thinks is after Marc Darcy is actually after her as she is a lesbian. Cringe moment of the evening: Bridget confronts Rebecca with the affair she thinks she is having with Marc Darcy. Rebecca says: how can I have an affair with someone when my heart is already broken because the one I love is unavailable? You, Bridget, I love you. From the moment I saw you....yawn yawn yawn.... She then snogs Bridget who does not mind at all as she is happy the woman is not shagging Marc Darcy.

I am really pissed off. It is just too easy to use lesbians and gays as the funny people in films. Yuk.

Still fancy seeing it? At your own risk. And don't say I did not warn you.

12 November 2004


OK. I am convinced. I *like* the new Mozilla Firefox. Go on and try it out today. Such a nice looking un-cluttered interface. Yum. Really nice for people like me who still have a tiny screen. No bars to clutter your screen.

Office life

No wonder I feel depressed at work if this is the state of the office plants......

My new hobby

Please tell me it looks like a camel. I tried to add a touch of 'Camel nibbles tree in deserrt' to the picture. Not sure it worked.

My point exactly...


11 November 2004

The Weird bunch

English is hard for a lot of people. Not for me and I always wondered how it could be hard for others. But now I can understand. Read this sentence:

"He believed Caesar could see people seizing the seas."

What is strange about it? It contains seven 7!!!!!) different spellings of the [i] ("ee") sound.

Or this one:

A rough-coated, dough-faced, thoughtful ploughman strode through the streets of Scarborough; after falling into a slough, he coughed and hiccoughed."

Found out what is interesting about it?
It contains nine ways the combination "ough" can be pronounced. Yes. Nine different ways to pronounce the same 4 letters.

Please forgive me for ever thinking English is easy.

Networking at the BBC

Yesterday afternoon I spent some time at the new BBC Birmingham building, The Mailbox. I was invited by a nice man who has lived in The Netherlands for 5 years and spoke Dutch. Cool.

I explained to him that I was trying to get back into media but that it is proving to be very hard in the UK. He then invited me and gave me the tour of the new premises. Really nice but I thought that idea of Open Office was abandoned years ago as it does not help people with their concentration. The place is one huge open space with desks and a cacophony of noises going on. It would exhaust me. Walking around the newsroom, I realised how much I miss being in the Media.
James gave me a lot of useful tips and hints, people to contact, roads to try. I came away all hopeful and happy about people being willing to help complete strangers for no reason at all.

Unfortunately the day ended not so good. British trains are not the best and it was proven yet again by a Virgin train getting stuck at Coventry Station due to a technical fault. People were moaning and bitching but I said out loud: if they have a problem with their brakes for example, would you prefer them to travel on before fixing it? I don't think so, so let them fix it.

They weren't impressed it seems. Brits are a weird bunch. Never step out of line as they will think you have lost your mind. I have also discovered they can not read. My carriage said NO MOBILE PHONES. It seems that switching off a mobile phone is like giving your baby away. People are simply not capable of it.


So he is dead. Good. Now Sharon should die too and hopefully there is a chance for the 'Peace Proces' in the Middle East. New faces are needed. New people with new ideas. Wihtout the old childish emotions that have stopped the proces for so long.
Arafat should have accepted what was offered to him at Camp David. He could have had almost the entire land he claimed. But it was not enough. He wanted it all. And Israel threw a hissy-fit.
On Radio 4 today, i heard this interesting comment. If Arafat was fighting for the palestinianns to get their own land, why was he nog fighting against Jordan and Syria in the years before 'his' land was given to Israel? The fight only started when Israel was created. Seems he was fighting more against the Jews than against Israel.
Oh well, let's hope Israel and the Palestinians can now move on and get their arses in gear.

Dutch making headlines....

My little country is making the headlines all over the world. And not for anything to be happy about. In all the papers here in the UK, big articles about Dutch tolerance finally ending after the recent murder of film maker Theo van Gogh (for his film Submission that you can download now).

The most tolerant society has met the most repressive religion in the world. Heads will roll. Comment on one of the hundreds of weblogs around the world who are discussing the recent troubles. If you want to know more, Zacht Ei is particularly good. And it is in English too.

On his weblog, Tim Blair discusses it at length with some Dutchies.

The Daily Telegraph called the Islamists New Nazis: Dutch find the strength to take on their 'new Nazis'

Even the most liberal society is illiberal when it is a question of survival. The Dutch see those who dream of Europe under a revived caliphate as a threat to their way of life. The prospect of Islamist imams imposing sharia law on Dutch cities amounts, they feel, to a new Nazi occupation. [...]Holland is now the crucible of Europe. Not even the most tolerant people on earth can tolerate the Islamists.

In The Times, lengthy articles try to analyse how it got this far in The Netherlands.
Many of Holland’s 1m Muslims consider the Dutch government to be depraved in its acceptance of “abominations” such as drugs, prostitution and gay marriage. They want nothing to do with it.
At the same time, Dutch tolerance no longer extends so readily these days to immigration and religious diversity. In graffiti scrawled on walls all over the city, the message is seen repeatedly, “Go home if you don’t like it”.

I can only agree with that comment.

- Jihad wrecks Dutch race harmony
- Police injured as Netherlands erupts in ‘violent maelstrom’
- Film-maker's funeral sparks violence
- Bomb attack on school as Dutch racists target Islam
- Dutch MPs taken to safe houses
- Dutch police hurt in 'terror' raid

Headlines I never thought were possible in The Netherlands. I guess being ultra-tolerant means accepting lots and lots until the bomb finally bursts. I think there will be a backlash that is difficult to oversee at this moment. Churches are being attacked in retaliation for mosques being burnt down.

I should think as a Dutch journalist at the moment, I should be able to get some work from this. Maybe get on the radio and talk about how wonderful it is to be Dutch and how glad I am to be away from the country at the moment.................

10 November 2004


(old but still fun)

In light of your failure to make the correct decision in electing your President, thus showing you to be unfit to govern yourselves, we hereby give you notice of the revocation of your independence effective as of Monday 8th November 2004. Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will resume monarchical duties over all states, commonwealths and other territories. Except Utah, which she doesn't much fancy.

Your new Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Tony Blair M.P., for the 97.85% of you unaware of the outside world, will appoint a Minister for America without the need for further elections. Congress and the Senate will be disbanded.

A questionnaire will be circulated in twelve months time to determine if any of you noticed. To aid your transition into a British Crown Dependency, the following rules are introduced with immediate effect:

1. All citizens are to look up "revocation" in the Oxford English Dictionary. While there, check the pronunciation guide for "aluminium" - this may be surprising for you. Generally attempt to raise your vocabulary to acceptable levels. Look up "vocabulary". Using the same 27 words interspersed with "like" and "you know" is an unacceptable form of communication. Look up "interspersed".

2. There is no such thing as "U.S. English". We will let Microsoft know on your behalf.

3. Learn to distinguish British and Australian accents. Its not difficult.

4. Hollywood will henceforth be required to occasionally cast Englishmen as good guys.

5. Re-learn your original anthem, "God Save the Queen". Please ensure that you have complied with the first law before attempting this.

6. Stop playing American "football". There is only one kind of "football".
What you refer to as "football" is not a very good game. The 2.15% of you aware of a world outside of your borders may have noticed that no one else plays it. Play proper football instead; to start with get the girls to help you - it is a difficult game. Those of you brave enough will, eventually, be allowed to play rugby, which is similar to American "football", but does not involve stopping for a rest every twenty seconds or wearing full Kevlar body armour like nancies.

7. Declare war on Quebec and France, using nukes if they give you any merde.
The 97.85% of you unaware of the outside world should count yourselves lucky
- the Russians have never really been bad guys. "Merde" is French for "(clever alternative swear word)".

8. 4th July is no longer a public holiday. 2nd November will be the new national holiday.

9. American cars are hereby banned. They are crap; its for your own good.
When we show you German cars you'll understand.

10. Please tell us who killed JFK. Its been driving us crazy.


09 November 2004

Australia wants you...

...if you are a hairdresser that is. Out of sheer boredom, I had a look at the website for Immigration to Australia. Some die-hard fans might remember I was trying to move to Sydney some years ago. The thought still lingers in my head and it would still be my ultimate achievement if I can manage to get a place in Sydney some day.

So I checked my chances and found Journalism is worth 50 points in the Skilled Migrant category. Fair enough that doctors are worth 60 points and administrators are worth 40 points. (You need a total of 120 at the moment and you get points for language, age and work experience).

What pissed me off is that hairdresser is also worth 60 points!! We all know hairdressers are either screaming queens or the tyical Sharon or Traceys from the council estate around the corner. And there was the Australian government, telling the word they rather have another Sharon coming to their shores than me, a university trained, experienced broadcast journalist.

Fine. Keep your hairdressers. Seems like they have reverted back to their old antics Down Unnder: get the lower classes to Australia in the hope it will make Britain a better place to live.

[oh how nice to be politically incorrect]

08 November 2004


Today was an excruciatingly boring day at work. Humbug.

Muslims and extremists

Last week a film director was shot for making a film that is very critical of the Islam. It cost him his life. I admit to being one of those people who has always said that people were overstating the threat of radical Islamists in The Netherlands or in Western Europe. Why did I think that? Because The Netherlands is a tolerant society. Or so I thought.
Because maybe we are not.

In the past weekend, 1 mosque had its doors blown out by a small bomb, a number were plastered over with pictures of pigs and profanity aimed at Muslims, and a few had threats painted on their walls with red paint.

On the other side, more threatening letters were found that promised death and serious harm to a number of politicians who are critical of Islamic extremists.
I think The Netherlands are at a crossroads. Tolerance can go too far when it turns into: everyone can do what they want because it is politically incorrect to tell people to confirm to the laws and culture in this country. On the other hand, it can not be that we tell people they should all become Christian Dutch people and denounce their own faith and language when they come here.

But when people can not accept that in The Netherlands, there is, as much as possible, a separation of Church and State, people should ask themselves why they want to move here in the first place.

I am shocked at the way people simply equate Islam with terrorism. I am sort of aware of what it feels like to be tarred with the same brush as a bunch of extreme idiots. I always get asked why all gay people (read: men) have sex with many people and are so feminine. I spend a lot of time explaining that is simply not the case and that most of 'us' are pretty boring people, leading normal boring lives. Day after day I see gays being ridiculed in the media by people who think it is fun and we are an easy target. And it angers me and makes me feel excluded from society. Straight people say 'it is only a joke, don't be such a bad sport'.

I can understand young Muslims being angry and annoyed to always be equated with murder and terrorism. I can also understand that they feel they have no future in a country that treats them like murderers and terrorists. Most of the extreme Muslim youngsters are actually born in The Netherlands and see this as their home. But they are not accepted here. Nor are they accepted in Morocco, where most of them come from They have no place to go. Only to the Mosque.

We should understand these young men and try to help them. But I think the time has come to see that helping someone can sometimes be giving them a good kick up the arse. After all, when your kids refuse to listen after asking them nicely a million times, you smack them. And usually they get the message after that.

We should not react against Muslims and vilify all if them. We should react against those who are placing themselves so far out of society by following extreme religious paths. We should act against those who plan and commit crimes. Just like we would with other people who plan and commit crimes. Not mollycoddle them because they are poor boys without a chance in society. Fuck that.

If you don't like the place you live, go and live somewhere else where you do like it. I did.

04 November 2004

Kerry wins!!

Well, in the rest of the world at least (Thanks to Mannetje van de Radio for the picture).

Why did the Americans vote for Bush? Not because of Iraq, not because of the massive tax cuts, not because of the education system in ruins. No, they voted on moral issues. In the end it turns out that, to a mother in the poor south of the USA, it is more important to stop gay people on the other side of the country from getting married than it is to get her own children a good education or her husband a job. In the end, the rich businessman who made his millions in the casinos in Las Vegas by ripping off gamblers is concerned about a 14 y/o girl having a *gasp* abortion after not having access to contraception. Please people. What is needed it seems is Christian Democrats. Christian Radicals have hijacked the Republican Party and the biggest bastard of them all is The President.

Yesterday I was depressed all day. Every once so often I get depressed about why people hate gays and lesbians so much without knowing them and when it does not even concern them.
Why is it so important for straight, happily married people in a town where they never see gay people, to make sure that gay people do not get the right to get married? In Ohio, the people voted for a ban on introducing 'any kind of union designed to approximate marriage'. So not just marriage, but any kind of union, civil or otherwise, that gives couples the same human rights are married couples or even unmarried straight couples who can decided each other as de-facto spouses...

I had a massive sulk and felt hated all day. People at work asked me why I was looking so sad. I did not go to rugby training and when J. came home, I had a rant about Americans and then I had an almost hysterical crying session about rugby and insecurity. I am insecure about my rugby. I feel like I am the person hanging around the side of the team, never really appreciated and always first on the list to be substituted. Not true if you look at the bare facts but J. joining the team and getting in the starting line-up from day one made me upset. And then another girl was brought in by the coach and she is his protégé and I feel threatened by this as I feel she will get more chances. This is probably all irrational but it made me upset because it stems from my total insecurity in what I am doing. Since I feel I am doing it all wrong, every new person looks like they are better than me and thus they are a threat to my already flimsy position.

I don't take my meds when I go to training. Maybe I should. When I do something wrong, I am hard on myself and get all stroppy and negative. I don't know if Ritalin stops that from happening but maybe I should try taking the stuff at night as well when I go to training and see what happens. J. stopped short of calling me disruptive at training sometimes (this sent me into an even bigger flood of tears) when I am angry at myself.

The friendly match on Sunday has been cancelled after our first win last Sunday. Monday is a special training for Forwards. I'll go and give it my best. I did not feel like going last night as I would have been devastated and disruptive after every error I made. But I would have liked sitting on the side listening, watching and learning.

And all that because idiots in America voted for a religious nutcase.

03 November 2004

Fuck off to your own place!!!!

Yesterday a Dutch filmdirector was shot and stabbed to death in the streets of Amserdam. Theo van Gogh had recently released a film about women who were abused by their Muslim husbands in name of the Qu'uran (how do you spell that???) He portrayed these women naked, dressed in see-through garments with Islamic texts printed on the garments. Very provocative and needlessly hurtful for millions of Muslims who do not beat their wives, who manage to see the Holy Book in the same way most Christians see their Holy Bible: A book of guidance, not a set of rules. Van Gogh did enjoy provoking people. He did it for fun and did not think about who he hurt by doing it. I will not miss him. I thought he was a pig. And I was not alone in that thought.


The thought of him being murdered for what he did is shocking. The murderer shot him 8 times, then cut his throat and pinned a note to his chest with a knife, waited for a few minutes to see if he was really dead and then walked away. He was later shot in the legs by the police and arrested. In the middle of the day, out on the street with dozens of witnesses too shocked to act (I would not act if a gunman was shooting around...)

The murderer is a man with dual Dutch/Moroccan nationality. Everyone therefore assumes that the motive has to do with the criticism of Islam in Van Gogh's latest film. And this is where I take issue with immigrants. And if that makes me right wing and racist, then fuck that.
You are a Muslim in a country where you can be a Muslim without trouble. But you are a poor Muslim. And you would like to be a rich Muslim. So you come to The Netherlands where people tell you the streets are paved with gold and social benefits. Obviously you know that The Netherlands is a Christian country but you want so much to have a better financial future that you still decide to move there.

Then why the fuck do some Muslims feel the need to criticise the country they move to as being immoral and wrong? And why the fuck does this Muslim feel he has the right to kill someone who criticises the Islamic faith? If The Netherlands are so hell-bound and full of sinners, why move there in the first place? Why not stay home in the place where you came from? Where you can enjoy the Islam the way you always have? Sure you would not have a lot of money but at least you would be true to your faith. Isn't that the most important thing?

If you are not prepared to adapt to your new country, then don't go!! Dutch society is renowned in the world for being hospitable to foreigners. But we are also known for basically assimilating with people in countries Dutch people move to. Keep your own faith, keep your own traditions. But accept the new laws and rules of the country you have moved to. If you can not do that, then go to a place where you can or stay a-fucking-way.

I am all in favour of a multi-cultural society and allowing people to express their faith and opinions. But I was brought up respecting the countries I go to.
Hell, there is a reason why I will never ever ever move to the USA: I can not live in a place so ridiculously Christian. So instead of moving there and fighting what seems to be a majority of the people there, I simply do not move there. I go to a place that suits me better. If you do not have the brains to think something like that through, then I certainly don't want you to come to my country. Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Italian maffia.

Americans should die

...well at least the ones who voted for George Bush. I had high hopes for these elections when I went to bed last night. kerry was leading in the exit polls and the high turn-out would prove beneficial for the Democrats. But as I woke up this morning, it had all gone pear-shaped.

In the mean time, Americans have voted for legislation that bans gay couples from getting married. Fair enough if you don't want to included gay marriage in your state laws, but how sad are you when you create a bill that actively BANS your state from introducing it?

I saw a guy on TV last night. When asked what his main reason was for voting Republican, he answered 'I don't want gays to get married'. Not his taxes, not his familiy, not his safety, not his job security. No. He did not vote for himself. He voted Republican ONLY to ban someone else to do something that would have NO impact on himself or on his familiy.

THAT is why all the Americans who voted for George Bush deserve to die. Let Canada rule the world for a while. Will make things a much better place.

02 November 2004

Go Kerry

Kerry is leading in some of the swing states!!!!! Go Kerry Go Kerry. Go Go Go Go Go Go!!

01 November 2004

Amazing info about homosexuals

You always wanted to know why fashion models are so freaky and thin? Here's the answer:

Another example of the victimization of heterosexuals by some homosexuals is the use of skinny female haute couture models by fashion designers (the typical high fashion designer is a male homosexual). These skinny female models closely approximate adolescent boys

Elsewhere on the page, he shows us pictures of suspiciously young girl as a model for what a normal girl should look like. He warns us they are not work safeand has put little blobs on her nipples. But strangely enough not on her pubes......
(There are some pictures there that are not safe for work....)

This site, Amazing Facts about homosexuals is a little like program currently on Channel 4 here in England. It is called "Ban this filth!!". It is 3 little old ladies showing us all the filth and nudity we can see on TV for the coming week so that we don't have to corrupt ourselves with watching the programme....

This site is a lot like that in fact. In order to be aware of what to look out for:

See some pictures of stuck colorectal objects here. See pictures of amebic procteocolitis (an intestinal infection) and butt plugs here. Click here to download a zipped file showing a male homosexual transvestite simultaneously accommodating three fists in his rectum.

A convenient .ZIP file? So you know what to look out for? Puhlease. I am sure the author has had great fun collecting this stuff.

He links to a site that gives reasons why homosexuals go to hell. I like this one:

“But don’t some animals engage in homosexual activity? Doesn’t this prove it is natural?”

Answer: This would only suggest that homosexuals have the IQ of sheep.

I would laugh if these people were not actually serious.


One of the links took me to this site where I found a useful table to deter people from having a penis inserted into them. Very compelling evidence to become a lesbian...look at how wonderful the vagina is.

• has an acidic environment which hinders bacterial and viral growth
• has an alkaline environment, which promotes bacterial and viral growth
• is lined by a thick layer of stratified squamous epithelium which is resistant to tearing
• is lined by a thin layer of simple cuboidal epithelium which can tear easily with unnatural forces
• secretes a lubricant during intercourse
• does not secrete a lubricant, only expels feces

Flip Flopping President

John Kerry is accused of Flip Flopping. But he isn't the only one:

Presidential Flip Flops. Shame the Democrats did not hammer this issue home the same way the republicans did. The Democrats did a lot wrong this campaign. Please let them win. Please please please.


New look (Again). Not so dark. I like it. Eventhough it is a plain Blog*Spot template.

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