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Amazing info about homosexuals

01 November 2004

You always wanted to know why fashion models are so freaky and thin? Here's the answer:

Another example of the victimization of heterosexuals by some homosexuals is the use of skinny female haute couture models by fashion designers (the typical high fashion designer is a male homosexual). These skinny female models closely approximate adolescent boys

Elsewhere on the page, he shows us pictures of suspiciously young girl as a model for what a normal girl should look like. He warns us they are not work safeand has put little blobs on her nipples. But strangely enough not on her pubes......
(There are some pictures there that are not safe for work....)

This site, Amazing Facts about homosexuals is a little like program currently on Channel 4 here in England. It is called "Ban this filth!!". It is 3 little old ladies showing us all the filth and nudity we can see on TV for the coming week so that we don't have to corrupt ourselves with watching the programme....

This site is a lot like that in fact. In order to be aware of what to look out for:

See some pictures of stuck colorectal objects here. See pictures of amebic procteocolitis (an intestinal infection) and butt plugs here. Click here to download a zipped file showing a male homosexual transvestite simultaneously accommodating three fists in his rectum.

A convenient .ZIP file? So you know what to look out for? Puhlease. I am sure the author has had great fun collecting this stuff.

He links to a site that gives reasons why homosexuals go to hell. I like this one:

“But don’t some animals engage in homosexual activity? Doesn’t this prove it is natural?”

Answer: This would only suggest that homosexuals have the IQ of sheep.

I would laugh if these people were not actually serious.


One of the links took me to this site where I found a useful table to deter people from having a penis inserted into them. Very compelling evidence to become a lesbian...look at how wonderful the vagina is.

• has an acidic environment which hinders bacterial and viral growth
• has an alkaline environment, which promotes bacterial and viral growth
• is lined by a thick layer of stratified squamous epithelium which is resistant to tearing
• is lined by a thin layer of simple cuboidal epithelium which can tear easily with unnatural forces
• secretes a lubricant during intercourse
• does not secrete a lubricant, only expels feces


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