03 November 2004

Americans should die

...well at least the ones who voted for George Bush. I had high hopes for these elections when I went to bed last night. kerry was leading in the exit polls and the high turn-out would prove beneficial for the Democrats. But as I woke up this morning, it had all gone pear-shaped.

In the mean time, Americans have voted for legislation that bans gay couples from getting married. Fair enough if you don't want to included gay marriage in your state laws, but how sad are you when you create a bill that actively BANS your state from introducing it?

I saw a guy on TV last night. When asked what his main reason was for voting Republican, he answered 'I don't want gays to get married'. Not his taxes, not his familiy, not his safety, not his job security. No. He did not vote for himself. He voted Republican ONLY to ban someone else to do something that would have NO impact on himself or on his familiy.

THAT is why all the Americans who voted for George Bush deserve to die. Let Canada rule the world for a while. Will make things a much better place.

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