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11 November 2004

So he is dead. Good. Now Sharon should die too and hopefully there is a chance for the 'Peace Proces' in the Middle East. New faces are needed. New people with new ideas. Wihtout the old childish emotions that have stopped the proces for so long.
Arafat should have accepted what was offered to him at Camp David. He could have had almost the entire land he claimed. But it was not enough. He wanted it all. And Israel threw a hissy-fit.
On Radio 4 today, i heard this interesting comment. If Arafat was fighting for the palestinianns to get their own land, why was he nog fighting against Jordan and Syria in the years before 'his' land was given to Israel? The fight only started when Israel was created. Seems he was fighting more against the Jews than against Israel.
Oh well, let's hope Israel and the Palestinians can now move on and get their arses in gear.


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