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Australia wants you...

09 November 2004

...if you are a hairdresser that is. Out of sheer boredom, I had a look at the website for Immigration to Australia. Some die-hard fans might remember I was trying to move to Sydney some years ago. The thought still lingers in my head and it would still be my ultimate achievement if I can manage to get a place in Sydney some day.

So I checked my chances and found Journalism is worth 50 points in the Skilled Migrant category. Fair enough that doctors are worth 60 points and administrators are worth 40 points. (You need a total of 120 at the moment and you get points for language, age and work experience).

What pissed me off is that hairdresser is also worth 60 points!! We all know hairdressers are either screaming queens or the tyical Sharon or Traceys from the council estate around the corner. And there was the Australian government, telling the word they rather have another Sharon coming to their shores than me, a university trained, experienced broadcast journalist.

Fine. Keep your hairdressers. Seems like they have reverted back to their old antics Down Unnder: get the lower classes to Australia in the hope it will make Britain a better place to live.

[oh how nice to be politically incorrect]


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