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Bridget Jones

13 November 2004

Went to see Bridget Jones'Diary 2 this evening. Don't bother. It is really really shit.
It has reduced Bridget to, according to The Times, the human equivalent to the Bananaskin-joke. It is not funny, contains the token confusion about lesbians and is generally crap. Managed to take a picture with the phonecam but just missed out on the Lesbian Snog. Sorry.

So for those who are considering going: They get eachother in the end, eventhough Bridget ends up in a prison in Thailand, almost shags Hugh Grant and the girl who she thinks is after Marc Darcy is actually after her as she is a lesbian. Cringe moment of the evening: Bridget confronts Rebecca with the affair she thinks she is having with Marc Darcy. Rebecca says: how can I have an affair with someone when my heart is already broken because the one I love is unavailable? You, Bridget, I love you. From the moment I saw you....yawn yawn yawn.... She then snogs Bridget who does not mind at all as she is happy the woman is not shagging Marc Darcy.

I am really pissed off. It is just too easy to use lesbians and gays as the funny people in films. Yuk.

Still fancy seeing it? At your own risk. And don't say I did not warn you.


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