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11 November 2004

My little country is making the headlines all over the world. And not for anything to be happy about. In all the papers here in the UK, big articles about Dutch tolerance finally ending after the recent murder of film maker Theo van Gogh (for his film Submission that you can download now).

The most tolerant society has met the most repressive religion in the world. Heads will roll. Comment on one of the hundreds of weblogs around the world who are discussing the recent troubles. If you want to know more, Zacht Ei is particularly good. And it is in English too.

On his weblog, Tim Blair discusses it at length with some Dutchies.

The Daily Telegraph called the Islamists New Nazis: Dutch find the strength to take on their 'new Nazis'

Even the most liberal society is illiberal when it is a question of survival. The Dutch see those who dream of Europe under a revived caliphate as a threat to their way of life. The prospect of Islamist imams imposing sharia law on Dutch cities amounts, they feel, to a new Nazi occupation. [...]Holland is now the crucible of Europe. Not even the most tolerant people on earth can tolerate the Islamists.

In The Times, lengthy articles try to analyse how it got this far in The Netherlands.
Many of Holland’s 1m Muslims consider the Dutch government to be depraved in its acceptance of “abominations” such as drugs, prostitution and gay marriage. They want nothing to do with it.
At the same time, Dutch tolerance no longer extends so readily these days to immigration and religious diversity. In graffiti scrawled on walls all over the city, the message is seen repeatedly, “Go home if you don’t like it”.

I can only agree with that comment.

- Jihad wrecks Dutch race harmony
- Police injured as Netherlands erupts in ‘violent maelstrom’
- Film-maker's funeral sparks violence
- Bomb attack on school as Dutch racists target Islam
- Dutch MPs taken to safe houses
- Dutch police hurt in 'terror' raid

Headlines I never thought were possible in The Netherlands. I guess being ultra-tolerant means accepting lots and lots until the bomb finally bursts. I think there will be a backlash that is difficult to oversee at this moment. Churches are being attacked in retaliation for mosques being burnt down.

I should think as a Dutch journalist at the moment, I should be able to get some work from this. Maybe get on the radio and talk about how wonderful it is to be Dutch and how glad I am to be away from the country at the moment.................


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