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03 November 2004

Yesterday a Dutch filmdirector was shot and stabbed to death in the streets of Amserdam. Theo van Gogh had recently released a film about women who were abused by their Muslim husbands in name of the Qu'uran (how do you spell that???) He portrayed these women naked, dressed in see-through garments with Islamic texts printed on the garments. Very provocative and needlessly hurtful for millions of Muslims who do not beat their wives, who manage to see the Holy Book in the same way most Christians see their Holy Bible: A book of guidance, not a set of rules. Van Gogh did enjoy provoking people. He did it for fun and did not think about who he hurt by doing it. I will not miss him. I thought he was a pig. And I was not alone in that thought.


The thought of him being murdered for what he did is shocking. The murderer shot him 8 times, then cut his throat and pinned a note to his chest with a knife, waited for a few minutes to see if he was really dead and then walked away. He was later shot in the legs by the police and arrested. In the middle of the day, out on the street with dozens of witnesses too shocked to act (I would not act if a gunman was shooting around...)

The murderer is a man with dual Dutch/Moroccan nationality. Everyone therefore assumes that the motive has to do with the criticism of Islam in Van Gogh's latest film. And this is where I take issue with immigrants. And if that makes me right wing and racist, then fuck that.
You are a Muslim in a country where you can be a Muslim without trouble. But you are a poor Muslim. And you would like to be a rich Muslim. So you come to The Netherlands where people tell you the streets are paved with gold and social benefits. Obviously you know that The Netherlands is a Christian country but you want so much to have a better financial future that you still decide to move there.

Then why the fuck do some Muslims feel the need to criticise the country they move to as being immoral and wrong? And why the fuck does this Muslim feel he has the right to kill someone who criticises the Islamic faith? If The Netherlands are so hell-bound and full of sinners, why move there in the first place? Why not stay home in the place where you came from? Where you can enjoy the Islam the way you always have? Sure you would not have a lot of money but at least you would be true to your faith. Isn't that the most important thing?

If you are not prepared to adapt to your new country, then don't go!! Dutch society is renowned in the world for being hospitable to foreigners. But we are also known for basically assimilating with people in countries Dutch people move to. Keep your own faith, keep your own traditions. But accept the new laws and rules of the country you have moved to. If you can not do that, then go to a place where you can or stay a-fucking-way.

I am all in favour of a multi-cultural society and allowing people to express their faith and opinions. But I was brought up respecting the countries I go to.
Hell, there is a reason why I will never ever ever move to the USA: I can not live in a place so ridiculously Christian. So instead of moving there and fighting what seems to be a majority of the people there, I simply do not move there. I go to a place that suits me better. If you do not have the brains to think something like that through, then I certainly don't want you to come to my country. Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Italian maffia.


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