21 November 2004


We lost another rugby match today. 22 - 10 it was. I am totally shattered fromall the running. I have moved from being an open-side flanker to being in the second row. This means I am also the one jumping in the Line outs. I love line-outs as I seem to be quite good at them. It has taken me a very long time to find confidence inmy rugby. Well, a very long time for me that is. After all, I only started playing in September. Rugby is by far the most difficult game I have ever been involved in. But I have actually never really done a team sport and I am enjoying this so much. I have made friends, I have a sort of social life, I run around the pitch on a SUnday. It is great. I am always looking forward to the matches. And J. has joined the team as well. I am a forward and J. is a back, usually the in/outside center.

Our squad has about 9 players who play less than 1 season so it is not surprising that we keep losing as most of the teams we play have been together for years. But venthough we keep losing, I am terribly glad I started playing rugby.
I wish more people in The Netherlands would realise how cool a game it actually is. And how difficult and how versatile the players need to be.
Now I am off to the pub for the all important after-match drinks. Who cares if you lost: just have an extra drink!!

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