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Monster...or not?

28 November 2004

Finally saw "Monster" last night. The film about Aileen Wuornos that won Charlize Theron an Oscar for Best Actress.
It is a very disturbing film. It left me feeling very sorry for this woman who seemed to have nowhere to go but down. Most painful moment is when AIleen tries to clean up her act and get a job. She has been a hooker since the age of 13 and has no work experience at all. Everyone laughs at her and calls her stupid. On her way home from another humiliating moment, she gets picked up by a cop who feels she owes him a blowjob because he did not send her to prison the last time she got picked up. She tries to explain she is changing her life but he laughs at her and calls her filthy whore. So she gives in and blows him.

The whole world seemed to want her to go down. Not saying she was right to kill all those men (although the world is better off without some of them) but she just had nothing else to d with it as nobody was willing to give her a chance. Even the girl she was with, Shelby, drove her deeper into the shit by demanding Aileen to provide for them by prostituting herself.

J. and I were left feeling emotionally drained and flat when the credit rolled. An experience rather than just a film. More so because of the story than because of fabulous acting. I seem to be the only one who did not think Charlize Theron was superb. I felt Christina Ricci was much better (it helps that she is much prettier.....). The film put Aileen fully inthe role of victim, not killer. Understandable the first few murders, but in the end, her haterd for men is so big, she shoots even the guy who offers her a lift home and does not want sex at all.
I think Theron's performance is overrated, perhaps because the make-up turns her from beautiful into ugly. But it really is Ricci who shines.

I think this film may do to Theron's carreer what Boys don't cry did to Hillary Swank: ,ake one deeple emotional movie that touches people and wins loads of prizes, and then it can only go down from there. After all: what other fab movies has Hillary Swank been in since she won her Oscar?

Hmmm...not a very structured and meaningful post this i. Doesn't really add anything to the debate. Oh well, just see the film.


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