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Networking at the BBC

11 November 2004

Yesterday afternoon I spent some time at the new BBC Birmingham building, The Mailbox. I was invited by a nice man who has lived in The Netherlands for 5 years and spoke Dutch. Cool.

I explained to him that I was trying to get back into media but that it is proving to be very hard in the UK. He then invited me and gave me the tour of the new premises. Really nice but I thought that idea of Open Office was abandoned years ago as it does not help people with their concentration. The place is one huge open space with desks and a cacophony of noises going on. It would exhaust me. Walking around the newsroom, I realised how much I miss being in the Media.
James gave me a lot of useful tips and hints, people to contact, roads to try. I came away all hopeful and happy about people being willing to help complete strangers for no reason at all.

Unfortunately the day ended not so good. British trains are not the best and it was proven yet again by a Virgin train getting stuck at Coventry Station due to a technical fault. People were moaning and bitching but I said out loud: if they have a problem with their brakes for example, would you prefer them to travel on before fixing it? I don't think so, so let them fix it.

They weren't impressed it seems. Brits are a weird bunch. Never step out of line as they will think you have lost your mind. I have also discovered they can not read. My carriage said NO MOBILE PHONES. It seems that switching off a mobile phone is like giving your baby away. People are simply not capable of it.


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