30 November 2004

No more Ritalin

Bad news: my doctor has decided she will no longer prescribe me my Ritalin.
According to her, it is not licensed for use on adults in the UK and the psychiatrist she consulted also says he does not treat adults, only children with ADHD and so he will not prescribe it either.
She prescribed it to me twice now to tie me over (but never indicated to me that there would be a problem getting it in the future. Only that I would need to be diagnosed from the start if I wanted to keep getting it)

This poses a problem. I have managed to get my life nicely on the rails in the past 3 years. The past 2 years I have been on Ritalin and things have improved dramatically. So what now? Is all that going to waste? Will I need to move back to The Netherlands if they refuse to prescribe Ritalin here? I can not possibly be the only adult who wants Ritalin in the UK!!!

What pisses me off most is that the shrink she consulted wrote her 3 weeks ago to let her know he was unwilling to prescribe it. And she did not contact me at all to let me know. And now I only have 3 days of Ritalin left to find a solution. If she had called me right away, I would have had 3 weeks!!

She promised to call me back tomorrow and told me she is willing to prescribe a little bit to tie me over until there is a solution. But I am really feeling drepressed as I have checked on the internet and it seems that Ritalin is indeed licensed only for kids in this country.

Another negative effect of having lived in a country that is so ahead with many things. We have specialist treatment centres for Adults with ADHD in every major city in The Netherlands. And in the UK there are only 2 in the whole country!!!

I will now go and be depressed for a while.

At least my team leader was nice to me. He told me to spend the rest of my afternoon researching on the web and asked if there was anything he could do for me. he even suggested buying it over the internet but I am not so sure of that. Is that illegal?

I have written an email to the shrink who treated me in The Netherlands as she is part of the European Network for Adults with ADHD. Maybe she knows me or can help me.

No gay rights, no Ritalin....why did I move here again?

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