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Pissed off

29 November 2004

My boss has been excited all week about a very nice cappuccino/espresso coffeemaker that we are getting. Not an ordinary one but specially imported from Italy. And not his personal one, no the company has bought it for all the coffee drinkers (about 10 out of 30). I don't drink coffee. But I will surely be expected to make the coffee for him.

He can stick it up his ass!

Because the money spent on that coffee machine should have gone to me as my salary raise. But I was told we could not afford to raise my salary to the amount we agreed (!!!) we would raise it to when I started here. No. Company was not doing so great and we had to cut costs. No we think you are doing great and we really appreciate you but instead of the £1,500 raise we promised you, we will give you £500.

Excuse me? So after nagging and getting annoyed and angry, my team leader managed to get me £1,000 instead of £500. However, this left me £500 short of what the rats promised me and more importantly: if has left me with no loyalty to this company whatsoever. For a measly £500 they have lost my loyalty and willingness to put in the extra mile for this company. It isn't the amount of money. It is just that I feel betrayed.

And now that £500 has been spent on a fucking espresso machine!! And he just does not see that it is best to keep his mouth shut about it rather than gloat to me on how fabulous it is and how you can not get just any machine but that the business paid for it so he could get a really good one.

Of course the fact that they felt it was important to send 5 (FIVE!!!) people to a seminar in Paris about smart-card technology did not sit very well with me either. Call me jealous but in a company of some 32 people, 5 need to go to Paris, including 3 directors and 2 engineers?????? Puhlease.

I have decided that I am going to actively look for a new (read: better paid) job. I am sorry for my team as they are really nice and supportive but I just don't trust myself not to tell my boss to stick the coffee up his arse and give me the raise instead.


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