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Repetition and pride

17 November 2004

Imagine: 37 pages of spreadsheet.
Names, addresses, job titles, phonenumbers.
Only a paper copy.

And we need an electronic copy......

So I got to work: scan 37 pages with OCR software (Optical Character Recognition Software).
The software does the trick but not completely faultless of course. It messes up tables and names and lay-out. So I spent the past 2 days copying and tidying up line by line of the spreadsheet. 1000 lines in total. I have serious Repetitive Strain Injury from the work but I have just printed off the finished list.

Well, almost finished. Now I will need to do a final hard-copy check. Side by side to make sure all the phonenumbers and postcodes have been scanned correctly.


I do know now what God feels like: Creating order out of chaos. I am secretly proud of my work when I look at that list. Quite sad actually that this sort of rubbish work makes me proud.


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