20 December 2004

Let it snow...

Back from a week in the Austrian Alps. I went on a snowboarding holiday with J. and her 11 y/o sister. Don't ask why she came along but she did. It is a long story. It wasn't too bad although I am sure I don't ever want to have an 11 y/o girl....

There was no snow in Kaprun when we got there but the mountain, the Kitzsteinhorn, has a glacier at the top where there was just enough snow to keep going for a week. The sky was bright and sunny all week. Not even a hint of cloud. Nice and warm.

After a few days we got really tired. I, as a newbie snowboarder, was struggling with the thin layer of snow but it was all very nice. And just as the snow was getting too hard and icy, there was a blizzard on Saturday morning when we were doing our last few runs down the slopes. This is when the picture was taken. And yes, on my head is a hat with devil horns!! Chosen specifically so that J and R would be able to spot me on the slopes between all the other people. And it worked.
By the way: I did manage to stand up most of the time. In the picture, I was just taking a little rest!

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