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No more Ritalin – Part Deux

01 December 2004

After feeling lost and depressed yesterday, I went on a hunt for info. I sent email to the ADD Information and Support Society in London explaining my situation. They sent me a mail back today:

You will need to ask your GP or Psychiatrist to refer you to the Adult ADHD Clinic at the Maudesley Hospital in South London. Ritalin is prescribed to adults all over the country; your GP is clearly not wanting to take this on board.

So there, you lot of stupid doctor-people. Obviously the licensing is not an issue for many other doctors in this country. Only for the ignorant and unaware.

My doctor promised to call me back today so I hassled her a few times to make sure she would call me back. First the good news: they will continue to prescribe me the Ritalin 'until they find a more permanent solution'.

Huh? More permanent? Ritalin IS the permanent solution.

I explained that I had been in touch with a number of people and that Ritalin is widely prescribed to adults in the UK. She did not seem to be particularly interested in what I had to say.

The downside: She wants me to see a child and adolescents psychiatrist as he is more au fait with ADHD. A kiddy-shrink? I am 29 for crying out loud. All she had to do was Google for Adults + ADHD + UK and she would end up with the same info I did. I pointed out that there are 2 specialised clinics in England (London & Cambridge). Again she did not seem to listen to what I was saying. Like yesterday, I just had the feeling I am just a problem to solve. She had no real time for me to explain why this is so important to me. Obviously not familiar with ADHD in general and completely ignorant about adults having it too.

Fair enough that it is still relatively newly researched that adults can take it with them from childhood, but to claim you have never heard of it and then show a certain reluctance to listen to the patient's research is really annoying.

When I was still living in The Netherlands, I lived around the corner from the Adult ADHD Clinic. It turns out this was actually the hotspot for Europe as the shrinks who work there have set up European networks of shrinks etc. So no wonder I got so much understanding and was treated with such respect: I was lucky enough to be in the centre of new research. So maybe I should not hold the ignorance against my GP.

But it is annoying nonetheless.


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