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Cunt on the BBC

10 January 2005

If the British Broadcasting Corporation can broadcast the word than I can certainly use it on my weblog.

On Saturday, the BBC airerd Jerry Springer, The Opera. The musical has been performed on the West End fr months now and to great critical acclaim. No problems with anyone but now that the BBC has decided to broadcast it to a wider audience, after the watershed of course, Christians were outraged.

45,000 complaints went out to the BBC before the show was even aired. Why? Becuase Jerry Springer has a nightmare in which Jesus is on stage in a loin cloth, saying he is a bit gay. Nevermind the fact that he says that after saying he loves all the peopl ein the world, men and women.

Anyway, that fact was enough to get radical Christians to hold wakes outside BBC offices around the country. Yes, imagine Christian people gather around buildings, light candles and sing hyms together in the hope the BBC changes his mind. Kind of freaky isn't it?
The controller of BBC2 has recieved death threats for his decision to air the show.
Stupid Christians claiming the BBC has no right to air the show as they pay a licence fee for the BBC and their money is spent on that show.

Well, I pay a fee too and I am offended by Songs of Praise that the BBC airs. And by The Heaven and Earth Show that the BBC airs. Christians get plenty of attention in the media from the BBC. If you don't like it, turn the TV off. (Although the option on BBC 1 at that time was Billy Connoly, whose show contains only marginally less swearing...)

Of course almost none of the 45,000 who complained had actually seen the Opera before it went out on TV. No, they had only heard about it from someone else. But that was enough to form an opinion about it. Completely taken out of context, saying the Jesus is Gay might be offensive indeed. But in context it wasn't really.
But since when are Christians known for their sense of humour or ability to see things on contect?

I am deeply concerned about religious groups demanding that the majoroty of society confirms to their rules and beliefs. They seem to have lost the ability to reach for the remote control and change the channel. No, they don't want to watch it themselves and they certainly do not want to give other people the right to form an opinion.
If you don't like a play, don't go to the theatre. If you don't like a TV program, don't watch it. By all means write a letter of complaint but do not demand productions to be stopped because of your beliefs.

Fuck off.

But I did have a nice chuckle watching Jerry Springer - The Opera with the subtitles on. Never seen the BBC subtitle something that had the entire Chorus singing: "He is a cunting cunt" Or, as in the picture, "I am going to fuck you up the ass". I am assuming that never again will the BBC edit a film for its use of foul language. They have broken a barriar by airing this opera.


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