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Get your gaydar fixed!!

21 January 2005

Conservative Americans are up in arms about SpongeBob SquarePants. SpongeBob features in a little educational film that is supposed to teach children about acceptance for other cultures and lifestyles.

But thank God there is Focus on the Family. They have unmasked SpongeBob for what he really is.
Bob is to as innocent as he looks! He always walks hand in hand with his friend Patrick!!
He is brainwashing your children into believing homosexuality is normal!!!
The founder of Focus on the Family, James Dobson, made this statement, surprise surprise, at a gala dinner in honour of the inauguration of President Bush.

My God, please protect innocent Americans for the terror Bush and his allies will bring down on them. Not just religious terror but also terror from groups and religions he will trample on in the coming 4 years.

There are so many hate sites on the web that is makes no sense to describe Focus on the Family as a special one. There are much worse ones out there. Sadly enough. But I like their page Love Won Out about people who recovered from homosexuality. A bunch of ex-gays with fuzzy Phd's give a one-day seminar on how to overcome homosexuality.

And when you look at the pictures of some of these 'ex-gay' people, you realise Christians were simply born without a gaydar. And that all those 'ex-gay' people are sick indeed: they need their own gaydar repaired. See examples below. Pick the gay people. Hint: it is all of them.

I especially like the introduction on the third guy: Alan Chambers left homosexuality in 1991 and is now the President of Exodus International, the largest resource and referral organization dealing with homosexuality in the world today.

He left homosexuality. That sounds like it is a job... He left Safeways in 1991 and is now MD of Tesco
And it is great that all these people who are ex-gays are now working in organisations where they will meet more gay people than they would otherwise have met in their sheltered life as a Christian Gay in the Closet. S no wonder they have become ex-gays.......


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