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So who got to be Man of the Match....

23 January 2005

Yes....you guessed it....ME AGAIN.
Yes, I am proud of that fact. Because I thought I was no good at any kind of team sport. And it turns out that I am. Even got my name in the papers (spelled correctly at that!)

We played a 5-5 draw against Oxford who had beaten us 53-12 the first match this season and afterwards one of the players said she could hardly believe we were the same team that just gave them a day out in the park only 4 months ago. Cool.
I know we should be totally proud of this result as Oxford are top of the league but I am not. Because we were leading by that one little try with only 2 minutes to go!!!! Thank God they did not convert it becasue that would have ripped my heart out.
SO there you go: 3 matchesplayed in 2005 and I managed to be Player of the Match in 2 of them. Not bad going. I think my Ritalin theory has proved to be right. 3 matches played with Ritalin. 3 matches of outstanding play. I know what I am doing next week....

Shame we have 3 friendlies ahead in the coming weeks. I want to keep storming up the league table now!!!!


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