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Tony Blair on holiday

04 January 2005

Here in Britain, Tony Blair has come under a lot of critisism for not interrupting his holiday after the tsunami. People here think he should have come home from Egypt to support those who have lost people. Why? What could he have done? The government has done a good job in giving money and the British public will raise around £100 MILLION from donations. The disaster happened in Asia, not in Britain.
What are they complaining about? It is by far not as bad as the Dutch Home Secretary. He was actually on holiday in Thailand when the wave struck. On the other side of Phuket so he was safe. He phoned home to let his family and staff know he was safe and that he did not want his holiday to be interrupted!! He did not visit the Dutch victims in hospital or anything. now THAT is disgusting. After all, he was only 250 kilometres away from it. Sure, he did not need to cancel the rest of his holiday, but a visit from a member of the Dutch cabinet would have been nice and since there was a guy in the area.....

Only after harsh articles in the media has he now agreed to visit the remaining Dutch people in the hospitals.

Here in England, it seems that it is almost like the government is guilty of the tsunami happening in the first place. Media here are bloodhounds and seem to get no greater pleasure than cutting down its politicians. Private life is public here and everything seems reason for resignation.

David Blunkett resigned after mixing private life with politics (He tried to fast-track a visa for the nanny of his (married) lover). The new Home Secretary turns out to have adopted a baby in America recently. Apparently, they could not have kids of their own and recently travelled to the US to be rpesent at the birth of a little boy who they then adopted immideately. So what? What is wrong with that? it is completely legal to do this in the US. Was it adoption or surrogacy? Who bloody cares!!

But no, here media and oppositions want an investigation to see if the guy used his 'position' (huh? He was not even a member of the cabinet when this happened) to fast-track the adoption. Was it legal? Did he 'buy' the kid or bribe the mother? Adoption agencies are standing in line to condem the fact this adoption went so quickly when others have to wait years. Well I am sorry: life is unfair. If you are rich, you can arrange for a surrogate mother, which is much faster than adoption. Nothing wrong with that.

It makes me sick. if the wind blows my house over, it is NOT the government's fault. If a minister adopts a baby, completely legally, I am happy for him and happy for him that he can afford to do it this way. I am sad for those who can't but you can not hold that against this man.

Disgusting. Makes me want to go back to Holland sometimes.


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