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Victory at last!!

17 January 2005

We finally had a good convincing victory with the Old Leamingtonians Ladies Rugby Team.

In the best match we played this season, we beat Whitney with 27 – 0. Sweet victory indeed as we lost by only 2 points the last time we played them. And for the second week in a row, I played a really good game. I feel I am getting better and that makes me more confident and more willing to just go for it without thinking things through for 5 minutes first. Or maybe it is because last week and this week, I have finally started to take my Ritalin before a match. I usually don't take it at the weekends but hey, perhaps it just makes sense to do so. After all, it DOES enhance my concentration, something that is fairly important for a rugby player.

As a second-row player, I usually jump in the line-outs and yesterday, the line-outs were almost faultless. I did not lose a single one of our own and managed to win quite a few of theirs. Quite pleased I was. Came about 4 meters of scoring a try myself but I got tackled. Such an odd feeling when I got the ball and suddenly spotted a space to run into, knowing that if I only managed to get past this 1 player, I would be scoring a try. But alas, it was not to be but at least we kept the ball alive when I popped it up the the support player behind me.

We held the ball up 4 times at least, stopping them from scoring.

Yes, I am enjoying my rugby on days like that. We all had a great game and I would think that we have nobody to fear in the league we are in, apart from maybe Oxford and Lichfield II.

Sadly enough, J. did not come to watch the match as she was tired and had a dull headache. Poor girl. She is feeling miserable. A concussion to recover from as well as the fear of more seizures in the future.


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