25 February 2005

Why Christians have a bad name in my book (cont.)

No I am not on a crusade but this morning, it just did not stop.

First of all: The Anglican Church has told the American anc Canadians Anglican Churches to withdraw from the world wide decision making body for three years becasue they have caused people grief by appointing a gay bishop and then refusing to fire him again.

And secondly: a Christian Charity thinks then men who download small amounts of child pornography should not be prosecuted if they voluntarily come forward, hand in their computers for destruction and undergo voluntary treatment. Excuse me? Everytime someone looks at a picture of child pornography, another child gets abused in order to produce that filth. And Christians think these people should not get punished but helped. Help is good. But punishement is needed as well. Maybe it is because if all these men went to prison, there would be no priests left.

24 February 2005

Why Christians have a bad name in my book

Kristel made a valid point in the comments about me tarring all Christians with the same brush. True. I am guilty. I now judge Christians the same way most people judge minorities. When someone says they are a devout Christian, I laugh and immediately think they are rigid, right-wing hardliners with a totally distorted view on reality and that they are too weak to take a stand on things so they refer to the Bible to tell them what to think. A little harsh indeed. In fact, I know it is completely wrong.
But here in England there has been a lot to do recently about Christians 'standing up for themselves' and claiming they are being marginalised by society. Or a lot of articles about things happening abroad.

For example:

- Anglican Church demands an apology from the American Anglicans for appointing a gay bishop and threaten to start their own church unless the Americans admit they were wrong and that they have caused people and the church harm.

- A Christian organisation tells a charity not to accept £3000 because it was raised by people from Jerry Springer, The Opera.

- Christians held a wake with chanting and candles at BBC buildings around the country when the BBC aired Jerry Springer, The Opera (I dedicated a post to this before) and demanded their money back. When told that the BBC also airs songs of Praise to cater for Christians, they said that was nothing but normal but Jerry Springer was not normal. Most of these people had not seen the Springer Opera but were told by their church leaders to protest against it. Only after the church leaders said people should protest did people start protesting.

- MasterCard and American Express no longer accept people paying for porn with their cards after Christian pressure groups threatened with a boycott. This is not just a few marginal Christians, this is millions of people believing they have the right to decide what I can and can not buy with my credit card. Who decides what porn is? Is a vibrator porn? Or a dildo? Or maybe massage oil with sensual scent to it?

- Which brings me to the point of dildos & vibrators: they have now been banned in the state of Alabama after Christians filed a successful complaint. Not allowed to use or sell them.

- A school in America had a tradition of almost 100 years where on 1 day the boys dress up as girls and vice versa so the girls get to feel what it is like to be the one buying their 'special friend' candy and ice cream. But 3 Christian parents complained this custom promoted homosexuality in young children and that it was deplorable and disgusting. And they managed to convince the school to cancel this tradition.

- There are more Christian hate sites out there than there are porn websites. To me, this means that millions of Christians rather spend their time condemning other people's lifestyles than they do improving their own or helping to ban world hunger or poverty. This is very sad. That people think they have the right to tell other people they are wrong based on a bundle of pages.

This is only what I have picked up on in the last month or so.
This does not make me feel happy and certainly does not make me think that Christians are being marginalised. With the rise of George Bush, it has now become fashionable to be a right-wing Christian and deny other people the right to have other beliefs. If you don't belong to one of the minorities under thread, it is perhaps hard to see why I am getting scared these days. But as a gay woman, Christians like the above are a major threat to me, my lifestyle and other gays and lesbians across the world. Our freedoms and rights are being denied and we are being marginalised again by people who think it is right to judge someone and take away their basic human rights. When people like George Bush and John Howard (PM of Australia) say they will defend Christian values by banning equal rights for gay people, this gives me a very sad idea of what Christian values are. Are Christians so feeble in their faith that in order for them to be able to keep to it, they need to wipe out people who think differently from them? Is their faith in their own God not strong enough to survive opposition? What ever happened with Improve the world and start with yourself? He without sin cast the first stone?

I admit this I am probably just as wrong in feeling this way about all Christians than they are in feeling this way about everyone who is not like them. I know nice Christians. But more and more I find that I shy away from Christians so that I wil not have to defend myself, my lifestyle or the fact that I actually enjoyed Jerry SPringer, The Opera. I am not waiting for a moralistic debate when I go to the pub, I just want a few beers. And, wrong or not, when someone tells me he/she is a devout Christian, I am very wary and try to stay well away from anything that might be even remotely controversial. That makes for very strained conversations that I don't enjoy so it is just easier to stay away from it altogether. So if you are a Christian, don't tell me and we will get on fine. I won't tell you I am an atheist either so that makes us even.

23 February 2005

Fucking Christians!!

Yes, they have done it again. They have yet again managed to convince someone that Christians know exactly what God wanted for the whole world and that they hold the monopoly on The Moral Highground.

A cancer charity received a £3000 donation from the cast of Jerry Springer, The Opera. A highly controversial musical that had Christians wet themselves with anger when it was aired on the BBC. Anyway, the cast raised the money and wanted to give it to the charity. And the FUCKING CHRISTIANS managed to convince the charity to refuse the gift because it was raised by people who worked on the hideous Jerry Springer musical.

Obviously the charity is a smidge stupid too for giving in to this ridiculous idea but who the fuck do these so-called Christians think they are? Denying people who are dying money that could make their life easier just because it was raised by people who work on a project Christians do not agree with? The Bible itself says that charity covers all sin so what exactly has gone wrong there?

Honestly, no wonder Christians are ridiculed on TV all the times. They are making an arse of themselves, going for personal glory, thinking they know what God wants. When they go that road, they get the same treatment as all other religious fools: They get laughed at. If God does exist, please come and take all these idiots away to a compulsory showing of Jerry Springer The Opera. And then kill them by giving them cancer and then deny them any charity donations.

I am trying to keep an open mind towards Christians and not tar them al lwith the same brush but they are making it very very hard at the moment.

16 February 2005

Guess who's going to Twickenham?

Me me me me me me (and J.)

Going to watch England play Scotland in the Six Nations. First the women's match at 2.30 and then the guys at 6pm.
I only had to sell one of my kidneys to pay for the tickets so it was not as expensive as I thought (Was counting on living with only 1 lung as well).

14 February 2005

Valentine = Rip Off

A warning for all people out there who are looking for a new love: do NOT under and circumstance, start a enw relationship on Valentine's Day!! You will regret it for the rest of your life.
J. and I started our relationship on Valentine's Day 2 years ago as we thought that was romantic. Today I am paying for it. Or rather, she is as she did not get any presents of flowers. £40 for a bunch of roses is just a rip-off and I am not prepared to pay that simply becasue it is Valentine's Day. Next week they will be £15 again, she can get them then!! Maybe we need to discuss shifting the date to the first time we met, rather than when we started to go out. Surely the flowers will be cheaper in January.......

But of course I did give her a little present to celebrate two years together. May there be many more to come.

08 February 2005

Get a fucking life!!!

British 28-year old Ellen MacArthur has just broken the record for sailing solo around the world non-stop. Quite an achievement for the tiny woman she is. She got no more than 15 minutes sleep on some nights, burnt herself on a generator and bruised her entire body. Sails weight more than 100 kilos and sometimes she had to change them 10 times in a day.

No matter what you think of the fact she went out in a boat on her own, there is no denying that it is one hell of an achievement. I would not call this woman a hero but I recognise it is an extraordinary achievement.

But listening to the phone-inns on BBC Radio, people are divided into 2 camps: those who can see the enormous willpower it takes to be no your own for 2 months at sea, and those who are just sad losers who are jealous of other people realising their dreams. Some comments:

"The law says you need to be in control of your boat at all times. If she was alone and has slept at any time during the time at sea, she broke the law and should be arrested and lose her Master Sailor’s certificate."

"I could do what Ellen did. All I need is a little more training. How hard can it be with all the computers on board."

"She has potentially put lives at risk. What if she had needed rescuing? She should be made to pay for any services she has used from the tax payer’s money."

"I am disgusted at how much time the BBC spends on a woman who gets to play on a boat, doing her hobby. I get to work everyday, that requires willpower as well."

GET A FUCKING LIFE PEOPLE!!! So you don’t care. Then don’t care. Don’t watch. And for all those who say they could easily do it: go on then. Do it. Show us how easy it is.
I don’t give a rat’s arse about sailing or Ellen MacArthur. But it does not take away from the fact that I admire her willpower and determination. I know I would have given up after the first storm. But in England, people rather spend time admiring Wayne Rooney who can swear like a trooper and yelled Fuck at a referee 20 times in 1 minute last week. Now THERE is a true sports hero! Duh.

Fucking cynical cunts they are over here.

05 February 2005

Instant cool

My sister has managed to score tickets for U2 U2 in AMsterdam in July. I guess that instantly elevates her to the status of Cool Dude!! I am counting on her having bought tickets for me as well.....sis? You have. Haven't you?