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Why Christians have a bad name in my book (cont.)

25 February 2005

No I am not on a crusade but this morning, it just did not stop.

First of all: The Anglican Church has told the American anc Canadians Anglican Churches to withdraw from the world wide decision making body for three years becasue they have caused people grief by appointing a gay bishop and then refusing to fire him again.

And secondly: a Christian Charity thinks then men who download small amounts of child pornography should not be prosecuted if they voluntarily come forward, hand in their computers for destruction and undergo voluntary treatment. Excuse me? Everytime someone looks at a picture of child pornography, another child gets abused in order to produce that filth. And Christians think these people should not get punished but helped. Help is good. But punishement is needed as well. Maybe it is because if all these men went to prison, there would be no priests left.


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