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31 March 2005

She is dead. Finally. Poor woman. It is sad that she had to die from starvation. What kind of bullshit is it when the law allows a doctor to remove a feeding tube with the knowledge this will kill someone in the end but it does not allow the same doctor to give the woman medication that will help her die without having to suffer the indignity and pain of starvation.

I remember something similar in Ireland about abortion years ago: Abortion is illegal but it is not illegal for women to travel abroad with the sole purpose of having an abortion as it was considered a woman's right to decide to travel abroad to have it done or not. OK, maybe not very similar but the same kind of hypocrisy.

So what have we learned from all this:

1) George Bush is an asshole who thinks he can just mix religion and politics whenever it suits him
2) The US congress are all assholes as they do not want federal government to meddle in state-affairs yet in this case (as in the case of Gay Marriage) they saw it fit to try and invalidate the laws of the state Florida, in a desperate attempt to keep this poor woman alive.
3) Make a living will. Tell your loved ones what you want. Record it on video or sound so it can not be forged later on. Make it clear if you do or don't want to be kept alive. Spare your family the pain and suffering of having to decide this sort of thing.
4) Legalise euthanasia under very strict conditions (like it is in The Netherlands). It is my life, I want to have the right to die whenever I want to. If my relatives and my doctor are prepared to help me die, they should not be punished for doing something they have been asked for.


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