16 March 2005

My apologies

I wish to apologise for all the spelling mistakes and typos in the past 3 posts. As you may understand, I have had very little time and I have not reviewed the logs before posting them. I shall edit them and remove the errors. I am sorry. I know you have come to expect better from me.
For those who are interested: JD. is fine. Bit shocked. Had lots of thinking over the weekend. All we can do is wait. If it is indeed a tumor, it is still too small to even take a biopsy so in the end, the knock on her head at the rugby match may well be a good thing: it brought the problem to light way before it might otherwise have been noticed.

Strange how a lot of jokes and remarks now no longer seem appropriate. Things referring to death, head and brain. Frontal Lobotomy....

I guess we will find a way to joke about these things. Somehow it feels easier to joke about The Thing once we know what it is.

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