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Not cold enough....

03 March 2005

It is cold here. Around +3 Celsius. This, the weather people in Britain tell us is ‘bitterly cold’. Bitterly cold? +3 Celcius? Get real!!! There has been lots and lots of snow in the past 2 weeks. But as temperatures are too high: it is all wasted time. No snowman, no snowballs, no white streets and roads. At least not in Leamington Spa. In Kent, in Scotland, in Newcastle…..white white white. A young boy died after being crushed by a giant snowball up in the North somewhere. But not in Leamington Spa. Heavy snow, melts when it hits the ground. Humbug.

So eventhough this is the first proper snow I have seen in years, it is not making me happy. I turn my attention to the weather in my home country. Holland is not known for its large amounts of snow every winter. So I am feeling smug still that at least I get to see some snow falling this winter. Those poor suckers in Holland don’t get any at all this winter…..


I am not bitter or angry. NOT…AT…ALL…


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