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Now I am worried

11 March 2005

JD went for an MRI scan about 3 weeks ago. Just to check that she does not have a brain tumour that caused her seizure. She was told that, unless it was urgent, she would get an appointment with a consultant to discuss the results sometime in April. If urgent, she would hear it within 7 - 10 days.

So 7 - 10 days passed and we heard nothing. This was a great relief as JD had spotted on the doctor's note that the MRI scan was to pay particular attention to the possibility of a brain tumour. This had upset JD a lot so when we did not get a call we were pretty relieved.

Until 30 minutes ago. JD got a call from a consultant. He wants to see her on Saturday. JD explained we are going away for 4 days. The consultant said he (or it, essential difference but I do not know which one he meant!) could not wait until our return on Wednesday. So we are now going to the hospital tonight for a consultant with him.

So now I am worried. Why the sudden rush?

I don't want JD to have to see a consultant yet. It.Is.Not.Fucking.April.Yet!!!


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