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The Twickenham Experience

22 March 2005

So I went to Twickenham to watch England trash Scotland in the last match of the 6 Nations. Final score was 43-22. Photos are to follow.

Having never been to anything but football matches, this was quite the occasion for me. I had a really good time. No violence, no aggression, fans just sitting next to each other without problems. That is nice to see but I did sort of miss the idea of having a Scottish Section and an English Section. There is something really nice about sitting in a group with 'your own'. Of course to me it did not matter if Scotland or England were going to win.

So why is it that Rugby seems to be able to do what football is not: keep out the hooligans. Of course there is not as much money in rugby as in football so the stakes are not so high. But maybe it has something to do with who can buy tickets for the matches. If you want to see a rugby match, in most cases you have to be a member of a rugby club. This is the case for all International Matches. The idea behind it is to support the people who are helping rugby at grassroots level. The people who play rugby, coach rugby, make the tea for the players etc. Every club gets allocated a certain number of tickets and their members can buy the tickets.

Of course it means that a lot of people are unable to buy tickets. On the other hand it guarantees that the people who DO get tickets are those with a real passion for the sport. Since the name of their club is printed on their tickets, misbehaving will have grave implications for the individuals and their clubs. Good system if you ask me. Maybe the FA should try this system for the matches of the English football team. Might just stop the hooligans.


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