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10 March 2005

I am sick and tired of watching program after program after program showing kids (never adults of course) with ADHD making their parents' lives a living nightmare. Terrorising the family, kicking other people, swearing, abusing siblings, animals, having trouble at school and with the police. And all because they have ADHD.

Never do I see somethign on how people with ADHD are on average more creative, more innovative, very social people. No. Always negative negative negative. Like nothing good can ever happen to a kid with ADHD. Is it too much to ask for TV program makers to show the other side of things? That a lot of kids don't actually have ADHD but are simply the 'victim' of parents who have hasd no control in the household and are now at the end of their tether and are pleased to have an excuse for the behaviour of their kids?

Is it too much to ask, just every once in a while, to show a GIRL with ADHD? Or someone like me, who still has it as an adult, was never a real terror as a child, yes difficult but never hitting siblings, kicking doors in throwing furniture at my teachers. Can we never see an adult with ADHD who takes medication and manages quite succesfully thank you very much, to liev a normal life? Can we never see the pain and suffering adults with ADHD have to go through? How people always say: "I thought only kids had that. You are just maknig excuses for being late for work or not finishing your tasks."

Why why why why why. Sure it is fashionable to have a child with ADHD who is on Ritalin. They are always violent boys makin parents' lives hell. Never do we see the turmoil and emotional distress faced by adults with ADHD why are desperately trying to make their life work. Who desperately want to remember their shopping list. Who desperately try to keep their finances in order but fail due to impulsiveness. Adults who would really love to be able to change their plan without giong through upheavel when things do not go according to plan.

No. We don't see that. Because that does not make good TV. Kids make good TV. kids with screaming parents who are desperate. Violent boys. So we can all blame the parents or say that the kids have ADHD and that explains everything. Because we all know what ADHD means: violence, behavioural problems, aggression, terror.

I am fucking sick of it.
I have ADHD. I don't terrorise people. I m nice, friendly, I workl hard. I struggle to concentrate most of the time but I try because I want to be normal. I may not always succeed but I try. ut since adults apparently don't have ADHD, only a hand full of people aknowledge that maybe I hav to work harder than some other people to fit in and be 'normal'. Being normal takes a lot of effort for some people. Can they please get some fucking credit for it?


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