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15 April 2005

Time for an update. Nothing much happened really. JD went for another MRI brainscan on Wednesday. We were told in advance that she would be able to walk up to the consultant straight after her scan and that we would be given a definite answer on whether she has a brain tumor or not. But of course when we got to the hospital we were told there was no consultant available and that we would get a letter with an appointment to discuss the results.

Fuck. More time waiting.

We went out for lunch and I picked the wrong dish (Gammon steak...yegh...) and then we went to see ‘Sahara’, the new film after the Clive Cussler book. Crap. Really crap. Something weird and funny though: there were two elderly people (and I mean elderly as in around their 70s, not the ‘modern’ elderly of around 60). I assumed they came to see the film because they had read the book. The film was full of explosions, fighting, blood and gratuitous death. So when we left the theatre, I said to the old biddies: We preferred the book since it has less violence. And the lovely lady looked at us and said: I have not read the book but I thought the film was very exciting and enjoyable. And her eyes had a sparkle when she said it.

How can I misjudge someone so badly. I will never look at elderly ladies in the same way again. I suspect she just came to see Mathew McConaughy and her husband came to watch Penelope Cruz. Cute.

In the mean time I still have not had my pay rise so anyone feeling the need to send me money, emails of donations to the usual address please!


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