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Gays have no sense of humour.

31 May 2005

Gays have no sense of humour and they think that every possible joke in the world is aimed at making them look bad. How do I know this?
Last week, the panel of the new-quiz "Have I got News for You" was discussing the musical Billy Elliot for which Elton John has written the music. The panel discussed why Elton John had said Billy Elliot made him cry. One of the panellists remarked that Elton probably saw a bit of himself in Billy. I can imagine that he did. A little boy who wanted to dance, made to feel bad about his big dream because it was not manly enough. Simple, fair remark I would say.

But no. This week in the BBC Radio Times, the listings magazine from the BBC, a viewer's letter reads:

"Disgusting. Tasteless joke. The implication seemed to be that all homosexuals are paedophile. Not only is this in extremely bad taste for victims or relatives of paedophilia, but as a homosexual I found it to be a complete insult to me and the millions of others across the country. I will never watch this program again."

Hang on...what happened there? It is surely his own dirty mind that made him think of 'a bit of himself in Billy' as a remark about Elton wanting his dick inside Billy Elliot. I saw that show and I did not think twice about the remark meaning anything else than Elton recognising his own situation in Billy Elliot.

People like this bloke do not really do a lot of good Gay PR as it is because of reactions like this that all gay people get tarred with the same brush. We should stop being so ridiculously over sensitive and frankly, seeing things that really are not there. Perhaps this man is a victim of abuse himself that makes this the first thing that comes to his mind. Don't know but I had a good laugh. At him.


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