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I got on BBC Radio 2

10 May 2005

Yay!! I just made my debut on national radio here. The Jeremy Vine show was doing a discussion about being gay at school and coming out to your classmates. I just sent an email telling them how I came out (I told the class that of the 30 people in class, statistically 3 should be gay and since I was one of them, would the other 2 please raise their hands. They didn't of course....)
Within seconds, the show called me back and asked if I was willing to tell my story on the radio to Jeremy. EEEEEEK...... Shame I had no time to call loads of people to tune in and listen. I shall of course be using the listen-again facility on the BBC website!! . And in a moment of shameless self-promotion I shall also inform you that it was about 30-40 minutes in to the show.


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