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26 May 2005

Now that is what I call a Cup Final. Liverpool have really shown they are a cup fighter. Not unlike Feyenoord, the Dutch team I support. When I got to England, I decided to support West Bromwich Albion and as my second team, I picked Arsenal because they have Dennis Bergkamp and Robin van Persie. Perhaps I should pick Liverpool as they seem to be more my kind of style: Fight till the end, even when it looks hopeless.

Being 1-0 down against an Italian side I usually seen as having lost the match. Being 3-0 down is a humiliation. At half time I was wondering how big the embarrassment would be for Liverpool in the end. But by God did they work hard and did they get lucky.

I didn't cry when they got the Cup. I cry easily at this sort of things. Well, not cry, but there is normally a definite welling of tears at this sort of things. Now if it had been Feyenoord, I would still be crying the next day!!

Liverpool are always the underdog, always the sorry ones, always the ones being denied the luck they feel they deserve. Liverpudlians love to complain about all sorts of things. Maybe because in the North, most people are ignored anyway. It seems there is no life above Birmingham sometimes. But when their fans killed 40 people in Brussels, 20 years ago, they were sad but claimed it was not all their fault since the stadium was old. Sure, but you do not HAVE to charge at opposition supporters and police now do you? They paid more attention to their own tragedy at Highfield 5 years later. This year they tried to make amends with Juventus by apologising. Cool.

Today is a day to party as 20 years after Heizel, Liverpool win the Champions League. Today the whole country here claims to be a Scouser. Quite nausiating actually to hear Man United fans say they feel like they are a Scouser. Sure. Deny your background!!


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